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Charlie Stayt  
Charlie Stayt

Talented and versatile, freelance presenter and journalist Charlie Stayt is currently the weekend co-host of ‘BBC Breakfast’

Now best known for his role with the BBC, Charlie Stayt worked with ITN’s Five News for ten years, Sky News for a year and (prior to appearing on television) spent many years working as a radio reporter for numerous stations. His experience combined with his natural talent has enabled him to become one of the UK’s most prominent and popular news anchors and TV presenters. Recently, Stayt has applied his diplomacy and speaking skills to debate hosting, working with corporate clients as a conference host and a moderator.
  • Presenter of BBC Breakfast (BBC 1/BBC News 24)
  • Freelance journalist and reporter
  • Speaker and conference moderator
  • Topics covered include Conference host and moderator

Speaking Style; knowledgeable, enthusiastic and experienced, Charlie Stayt makes use of a natural ability as a speaker to engage his audience, excelling as a moderator.

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Charlie Stayt is currently a weekend co-presenter on ‘BBC Breakfast’, the news and current affairs programme which is shown daily on BBC 1 and BBC News 24. In this role, Stayt’s experience as a presenter, reporter and host come into their own; his professionalism and approachability combined help him to connect with viewers and allow him to deal with both the serious and the more light hearted side of the news. Prior to starting work with the BBC in 2006, Stayt had worked with ITN for ten years, as a correspondent and then as principle anchor for ‘Five News’; he then spent a year as a presenter for ‘Sky News’. He was Five News’ anchor during their coverage of the 9/11 attacks. During his career, Stayt has also hosted a number of documentaries, debates, reality shows and live broadcasts, including two Oscar Award ceremonies.

In addition to his television work, Stayt is a much sought after conference and debate host and moderator, working with ITN Consulting and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Charlie Stayt began his media career in radio, working initially for his local station in Gloucester before going on to work for LBC (London’s Biggest Conversation), Capital Radio and Radio Five Live. Despite his ability as a presenter, Stayt did not begin his working life in television or in radio – he has been a roofer, a barman and even a roadie!

Positions and Honours
  • Presenter - BBC Breakfast (2006 – present)
  • Presenter - BBC News 24 (2006) 

  • Presenter - Sky News (2005 - 2006) 

  • Principle anchor - Five News (2000 - 2005) 

  • Host – ‘Jailbreak’ (2000)
  • Correspondent - Five News (1997-2000) 

  • Editor/reporter - Bi Media Entertainment (1995 – 1997)
  • Host – ‘Are You Telepathic?’
  • Host – ‘The Way It Is’ on Capital Radio
  • Reporter - LBC Radio
  • Reporter - BBC Radio Five Live
  • Reporter – Independent Radio News
  • Conference host and moderator
  • English
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