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Heizo Takenaka  
Heizo Takenaka

Japanese economist, author and retired politician, Heizo Takenaka is a specialist in the Japanese economy and political landscape

  • Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and Minister of State for Privatization of the Postal Services in Japan
  • One of the most prominent speakers in the ongoing debate over the breakup and privatisation of Japan Post
  • Currently holds the position of Chairman of Pasona, the Japanese multinational recruitment corporation
  • Also Senior Advisor to the Japan Center for Economic Research and Director for Academyhills
  • The Banking Crises
  • The Japanese Economy
  • The Japanese political landscape
  • Privatization
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Contemporary Japanese Economy and Economic Policy (1991)
  • Prospects of the Japanese Economy for the 21st Century (1993)
  • The Internationalization of the Japanese Economy and Corporate Investment (1993)
  • Wealth of People (1994)
  • The Economy in which Fast Movers Win (1998)
  • Policy Crisis and the Japanese Economy - A Search for the Causes of the Economic Slowdown in the 1990s (2001)
  • The Structural Reforms of the Koizumi Cabinet (2008)
  • Country would be ruined (2012)
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