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Nilofer Merchant  
Nilofer Merchant

They call her the Jane Bond of Innovation – the go-getting, go-to advisor who has helped to grow companies from Fortune 500s to Silicon Valley web start-ups for the past 20 years

Her diverse career defies neat definitions – she’s worked on political campaigns, in government, leading a division of Apple and creating a web presence for Time Inc and CNN. She lectures, writes, speaks and above all gets results for everyone she works with.
  • Winner of the Thinkers50 Future Thinker award
  • Has launched more than 100 products, netting $18B in sales
  • Her book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era - was named “Best Business Book of 2012” by Fast Company
  • Topics covered include Ideas and Innovation, Collaborate to get results, Creating value in the social era

Speaking Style; Nilofer Merchant is a fresh and powerful voice who speaks eloquently to audiences about the issues crucial to business right now.

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As a business innovator Nilofer Merchant thinks deeply about the frameworks, strategies and cultural values of companies. She’s worked for major names like Apple, and Autodesk, and startups in the early days of the Web like Golive, later bought by Adobe, Logitech, Symantec, HP, Yahoo, VMWare, and many others have turned to her for help in entering new markets, developing new product strategies, seeing off competitors and maximising revenue.

At 19, the governor of California appointed her to a role in educational reform and by the age of 26 she had led a division of Apple Computers and run six political campaigns. Add to that a spell at Time Inc and CNN creating their web presence and you will see why her career is hard to define

She has launched over 100 products in different markets and fought a competitive battle against Microsoft for Symantec’s Anti-Virus business and won.

Those who work with her praise her ability to think strategically and to lead the way towards innovation by thinking collaboratively. She is at home in the social era and knows how to take others along with her – writing highly praised books about collaboration, like The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy, and 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra which was chosen by Fast Company as one of the Best Business Books of 2012.

She teaches a management course at Santa Clara University, guest lectures at Stanford University and does some corporate board work as well as writing for the Harvard Business Review, and Wired.  She does workshops and delivers frequent keynotes including a much viewed TED talk.

A rare combination: strategic, well-researched and actionable. Nilofer Merchant helps you see what’s at stake in the connection economy. - Seth Godin.

Nilofer is one of the few people I know who can be described as truly brilliant, she has a deep commitment to culture and innovation – as she has lived the walk
. - Les McKneown CEO Predictable Success
  • Leadership in the Social Era
  • Creating value in the Social Era
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Collaborate to get results
  • English
  • The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy (2010)
  • 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era (2012)
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