If you are looking for a speaker who offers insightful economic analysis, then you have come to the right place! Speakers Associates specialises in economics speakers who will help your organisation to make smarter and shrewder decisions on a global level. With well over a hundred speakers to choose from, many with individual specialisms, we have picked out just 10 below. But do have a look at the full list here to find the perfect economics speaker for your event.

Lucas Papademos

Lucas Papademos is one of Greece’s most senior economists and a former Vice President of the European Central Bank - the ECB. He was Prime Minister of Greece from 2011 to 2012. As Governor of the Bank of Greece he oversaw their entry into the Euro and would make a fascinating speaker at this precarious time in the country’s history.

Pippa Malmgren

Pippa Malmgren is an economic trend spotter. Companies, policymakers and investors have found her advice invaluable in identifying the subtle shifts which point to bigger trends. Those who have made use of her advice include the President of the United States.

Joseph Stiglitz

A former chief economist at the World Bank, Professor Joseph Stiglitz is a highly distinguished Nobel laureate in the field of economics. He was a White House advisor under President Clinton and creator of the 3rd Way.

Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo is lively, articulate and very much in demand. One of Time magazine's '100 Most Influential People in the World' she is author of Winner Take All an examination of China's success in the global race for resources.

Stephanie Flanders

Stephanie Flanders is the former Economic Editor of the BBC - now Chief Market Strategist for UK and Europe at J P Morgan Asset Management. She is an expert speaker; fluent, calm and knowledgeable with the ability to distil complex economic stories into narratives you can use.

Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna travels the world delivering executive briefings to government leaders and major corporations on global trends and economic master planning. A leading figure in the next generation of global affairs strategists.

Haiyan Wang

Haiyan Wang is Managing Partner of the China India Institute and author of three books: The Silk Road Rediscovered, Getting China and India Right, The Quest for Global Dominance. She is highly in demand as a speaker at conferences on smart globalization in the age of China and India.

Sallie Krawchek

Sallie Krawchek - former Bank of America - is one of Forbes' and Fortune's 'Most Powerful Women in business'. Specialising in economic analysis she has turned around several troubled businesses. She speaks on Regulatory reform, Big banks, Leadership and Women in business.

Jaques Attali

Jaques Attali is a French Economist who has acted as Economic and Political advisor to several French Presidents. His highly relevant speaking topics include the future of Europe and the Challenges of Globalisation.

Jeremey Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin is a key figure in the movement towards economic sustainability. He is President and founder of the Foundation on Economic Trends and Advisor to the European Union. Topics include the Energy Challenge, the European Dream? And Global Economic Trends.

Jul 6, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe