Cross-industry thinking

Combining goals, sharing means & linking interests

Recently I gave a talk at the strategy summit for a large construction & engineering company. One of my key points was that the future of construction (and many other fields) is in the smart combination. 

Both for sustainability and in order to differentiate as for customer (stakeholder) intimacy, it has become crucial to look wider than your own ’silo’ and to find new ways to address multiple stakeholders.

This report (click image to access the pdf) by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency National programs: ‘Reinventing multifunctionality’ provides a good outline and many interesting cases where a smart combination of functions leads to innovative new ways!

Cross-industry innovation is about smart & cool combinations. You can do this on function level, yet also on experience level.

Ramon Vullings speaker

Ramon Vullings is a global speaker and author on cross-industry innovation. Ramon (and team) help companies to look beyond the borders of their domain to innovate in a smarter way.

May 3, 2017 By webmaster