The very best speakers are the ones who realise how important it is to establish a connection with their audience so that they can communicate their ideas. They will often use traditional methods of building bridges, like story telling or comedy. Sometimes speakers will use music; either because they are musicians themselves or because they understand how effective music is as a means of communication.

A great example is Dominic Alldis. Dominic is a jazz musician, orchestral conductor and arranger who has developed a programme in leadership development with his company Music & Management.

Music & Management works with the world’s leading companies and business schools to create corporate training events that explore the parallels between music and business.

By examining the conductor's role within an orchestra, jazz and improvisation, and the creative process of a composer, they introduce a dynamic new way to  discuss leadership, teamwork, innovation and personal development, inviting participants to embrace new ways of thinking about business.

Dominic is a fascinating keynote speaker and can be booked here.  

Charles Hazlewood has enjoyed global success as a conductor and now is often found delivering keynotes on the importance of trust. His stunning TED talk on the subject sees him introducing live musicians into the proceedings as he demonstrates how a skilled leader can create wonderful ensemble work using just body language, natural authority and trust.

Charles is a familiar face on British TV and Radio and has hosted a recent BBC Radio2 series on the history of Progressive Rock. He conducts the BBC Orchestra and guest-conducts orchestras around the world as well as promoting new music on his farm in Somerset.

You can book him for your keynote here.  

Tom Oliver is a songwriter and producer who has gained renown in the world of dance music and has headlined at many festivals. As an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker he weaves music into his presentations on request.

Called “one of the world´s best experts on leadership” by the Wharton School of Business, Tom is an authority on disruptive innovation. Tom founded the Global Leadership Circle at Manchester Business School while contributing to its being ranked as one of the top international business programs (MBA doctoral program ranked # 1 in the world).

You can book to speak and play at your event here 

Jun 4, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe