Choosing a Keynote speaker for your conference or event can be harder than it looks. There are so many names out there to choose from in almost any category you can think of. To help you select the right keynote speaker we have drawn up a list of 5 questions to ask at the start of your search.

  1. What is your end goal?  Do you want to entertain and amuse your audience or empower and enthuse them? Do you want people to leave feeling motivated to go out and succeed or do you want them to ask questions and start to pick over the detail of some of your organisation's issues? 
  2. Do you have a certain topic in mind? Most good speakers have a range of topics in their portfolio and will tailor their talk to your organisation but some will be a better fit than others. For example there are many great leadership speakers out there but you might prefer someone with a background in economics, industry or an entrepreneur.
  3. Are they a good fit for your event? Is your event a big public occasion or small, intimate and invitation only? This may help you decide which kind of speaker you want. If you want to make a splash with a big name we have many on our books who make headlines around the world. But if you would rather track down a particular academic who specialises in your field then we can also do this.
  4. Are they available? Many speakers spend their time travelling the world and might not physically be able to make it into your time zone at the point you want them. Others are engaged in writing, teaching and research which could impact your event. Start planning in good time and we can get requests out to ensure that you are not disappointed.
  5. What is your budget? Speakers Associates offer speakers in 3 different price bands to suit every budget, so whether you are an international corporate or a small non-profit there will be someone to suit you.

Let us guide you;

Speakers Associates can provide you with expert help in selecting the right keynote speaker. We have a detailed knowledge of a vast range of speakers, their specialisms and their speaking style. Browse our website for ideas but do call as we can guide you into areas you might not have thought about as well as suggesting names in your field you might not know are available including speakers based overseas and those offering talks in another language. 

Oct 12, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe