Featuring in the Thinkers50 in both 2011 and 2013, just one of numerous accolades, Fons Trompenaars is recognised for his extensive expertise in management with a focus on cultural diversity. Working with organisations, Fons brings a wealth of experience to assist in the challenges that cultural differences can pose, as well as identifying the opportunities they can bring to businesses, when managed effectively. Key areas covered by Fons include multicultural management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability and leadership.

As a highly successful author, Servant Leadership Across Cultures, saw a collaboration with Ed Voerman, with the resulting book published on 14th January 2009. Servant Leadership Across Cultures, Harnessing the Strength of the World’s Most Powerful Management Philosophy explores the extensive benefits that servant leadership can bring to an organisation, a philosophy originated by Robert Greenleaf.  The servant leadership approach seeks to serve and lead rather than just lead, and in this book the philosophy behind it is used to manage the culturally diverse workforce and deal with international markets.  This highly effective approach is explored, together with many examples of the challenges and dilemmas that may be faced, and how they can be solved effectively, with organisations benefitting hugely from the resulting opportunities.

With a focus also on the use of these leadership skills in dealing with counterproductive behaviours together and cultural stereotyping issues, and the negative effects these can have on an organisation, Servant Leadership seeks to build on the benefits offered from a culturally diverse workforce and market, ensuring the desired results are achieved whilst not compromising on the values of the organisation.

Jan 14, 2014 By Lucy Thorpe