Be sure to motivate people in the right direction

Since time immemorial, people have benefitted from motivational individuals and ideas. It’s natural that not everyone will have the confidence or enthusiasm to be truly self-motivated, and this is why organisations enlist the help of talented speakers in order to help people aspire to more. But what is motivation? And why is it important?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes motivation as “A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way”.

Sounds simple enough, so why do we need help with it sometimes? Notice that the definition doesn’t tie motivation to a positive or to a negative. People can be motivated to do things badly or to do the wrong thing. That is why a key factor in motivational speaking is to reinforce that individuals are appreciated, that they can do well and that there are reasons to aim to be the best. If this sounds familiar, it is probably because these are fundamental to successful organisational culture within workplaces.

It goes without saying that a lot of organisations which book speakers for events are large businesses. These businesses recognise that their continued success requires employees to remain engaged and to aspire to excel within their roles. Of course, such organisations already tend to have policies in place which attract and retain talented staff, but in these cases the right motivational speaker can still inspire individuals to achieve their goals inside and outside of work.

The effectiveness of speakers will vary according to their appropriateness for a given event. Some occasions necessitate expert speakers with an in-depth knowledge of a very specific field. Other events require speakers who have achieved great things – think explorers, record breakers, athletes – personalities and comedians fill yet another niche. The speaker that is chosen will have a profound impact upon an event, meaning that careful consideration is in order. There are a lot of very talented speakers out there, but not all will be able to motivate every type of crowd; in short, a speaker must appeal to the audience in order to be successful.

It isn’t surprising to learn that motivation doesn’t last forever. Individual moods change and events both in and out of the workplace can influence how people feel about their careers and about day to day tasks. For this reason, ongoing focus on workplace culture is essential – so everyone will be enthused when it’s time for the annual motivational event.


Sep 30, 2014 By Cosimo Turroturro