Choosing a conference venue can be a challenge. Finding a space which can accommodate all delegates whilst retaining the feel and atmosphere that you want is a job in itself, whilst examining transport links and accommodation capacity can prove a challenge.

In attempts to book speakers, venues and activities whilst organising communication to delegates, it can be easy to forget that in order for an event to be successful, technology is needed. Today, it is often not enough to have a microphone and speaker system in your event room. Attendees expect memorable and engaging events – and these are the best kind if you want to share your message effectively. Below, we examine list some of the facilities you may want to check are provided by venues prior to booking:

  • Projector and screen – a basic really, but ensuring that screen size and specification are suited to your needs is essential.
  • Wi-Fi and cabled internet access - now provided for free by many hotels and centres, this will facilitate communication and the access of information.
  • Plug sockets – this may sound like a needless concern, but if you and delegates will be taking additional computing or audio-visual equipment, you will need to be able to power them safely! If the conference is abroad, consider asking whether you will need to provide socket adaptors.
  • Set-up assistance – if using audio-visual equipment provided by a venue, it may be unfamiliar to your team. Specialist venue staff should be able to help you set-up and utilise equipment correctly and troubleshoot if you are experiencing problems.
  • Basics – if travelling, you may not want to have to transport basic bulky items. Consider asking venues whether they can provide flip chart stands and paper (and pens) for smaller events so that you do not have to bring your own.
Sep 5, 2014 By Cosimo Turroturro