Thinkers50 Awards

Speakers Associates were lucky enough to both attend and sponsor the Thinkers 50 Awards in London this week in the regal surroundings of the Draper’s Hall in the City of London.

It was a day in which management thinkers could be assured that ideas are as strong and vibrant as ever - as a succession of brilliant speakers took to the floor to give us 10 minutes of their very best thinking.

Speakers Associates are proud to be working with a great many of these thought leaders who spent the day discussing, amongst other things, their responsibilities as educators - creating the ideas that can lead to positive change.

We were delighted to hand the Thinkers 50 Radar Award to Erin Meyer of Insead for her influential 2014 book, The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business and it was fantastic to see her chatting to Fons Trompenaars who has lead this field of study in cross-cultural communication.

It was fitting that Erin should receive her award from last year’s Radar winner Nilofer Merchant who this year makes her first appearance in Thinkers50 at #48. So congratulations @nilofer and @ErinMeyerINSEAD and to the many other wonderful thinkers we spent the day with. Hearing Syd Finkeslstein @sydfinkelstein on the concept of superbosses and Alf Rehn breaking through taboos to amuse us with his thoughts on innovation (1,000 books a month are published on this subject!) were great highlights. Do check these thinkers out as well as so many others. A full list of winners is available here and this year’s rankings are here.

We hope you will join us for the next event in 2 years time.

Nov 10, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe