Booking a great speaker often starts with picking the right topic. You want to wow your event audience with a subject that everyone wants to know about – then you pick the best speaker in the field – simple.

Last time we looked to the Future – which is a topic that never fails to engage, now all we need to do is create it - which brings us to Innovation – the hottest topic of all.

Here are some speakers to help you;

Clayton M. Christensen, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen are all leaders in this field and are the joint authors of the business classic The Innovators DNA -

These guys have looked in depth at what makes innovators different and have identified the 5 key skills needed to become an innovative entrepreneur. By tuning into these 5 capabilities you will be well on the way to generating ideas with which to disrupt established markets.  Any one of these highly distinguished speakers would make a great addition to your event.

Business innovator Nilofer Merchant takes a fresh and energetic approach to creating success by looking at what is unique about you. She has worked with major companies and start-ups, bringing her own take and style to the business of developing new ideas. Thinkers 50 awarded her "Future Thinker" recognition in November 2013. A great speaker choice.

Rahaf Harfoush is a best-selling author who specialises in emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture. She teaches an MBA programme in “Innovation & Emerging Business Models” and is also an expert on Big Data and Social Media. You can cover a lot of key touch points with Rahaf as your speaker.

Rita McGrath (pic above) is an organizational theorist and professor of management at the Columbia Business School. She is known for her work on strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has a great reputation as a terrific speaker and is a prolific thought leader on a wide range of current subjects including her specialism “ the end of competitive advantage."     

Apr 29, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe