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A key part of business is not only doing what you currently do well, but also engaging in – and helping shape – the future. That is demonstrably clear by this article posted by the former CEO of (beautiful) gas guzzlers Jaguar Land Rover. Smart businesses understand that no matter how brilliant their offer and their market was yesterday, it no longer exists today and the very survival of each sector is hugely dependant on the action they take to embrace it now.

Since the introduction of the first hybrid car twenty years ago, automobile companies have been trying to keep gas out of the equation as much as possible. The Toyota Prius started this a couple decades ago, followed by Honda, and now it seems like everyone is getting in on it including luxury car makers.

However, even those forerunners of creative thinking cannot afford to sit on their laurels. With dawning realisation that Electric vehicles are still not as friendly to the environment as we’d like, smart minds have been whirring away trying to create something even more different. And so we have the hydrogen powered vehicle emerging as the front runner in the race to become the most eco-friendly but sexy car of the next decade.

Change for cars has been about excitement and thrills, not practicalities and bills. Then we had brands like the Prius which endowed their owners with small halos they liked to bring out and shine at every opportunity. But now, the consumer is demanding more. Welcome to the world of everyday business; customer loyalty is a fond memory when it comes to products alone and Marketing Departments who think otherwise are in for a shock.

Smart brands get under the skin of their target demographic, understand what they do both socially and professionally. What makes them feel good or motivated to care about something and then they use their skills in communication to make sure they feel comfortable with doing business with and their brand.

It’s harder than it sounds! But it can be done and done cost effectively so business needs to make sure it is using its marketing £ wisely and effectively.

Adrienne Lawler awards host, facilitator and presenter

Adrienne Lawler is a consultant and executive coach, helping businesses with customer service, sales and marketing, and communication. Her experience as a successful TV presenter gives her a unique ability to coach executives in presentation skills to enhance their corporate events.

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