When you are seeking a brilliant, fascinating and scintillating speaker for your event you may find yourself asking this question – what is it that makes a really good speaker?

Is it the subject matter they choose or their engagement with the audience or just natural charisma?

What is it about that speaker that is really going to wow your audience?

We’ve been looking around at some of the advice…

According to Nick Morgan who writes regularly on public speaking in Forbes magazine, the best speakers - whether on business, economics or adventure - are the ones who really think about their audience. They are asking the question - What are their hopes, fears and dreams? What have they been through and where are they headed? By putting the audience first they can begin to make a positive connection.

TEDx organiser Jeremey Donovan agrees. "I think the biggest transformation in speaking quality happens when you realize that this song is not about you," he says. The greatest TED speakers are the one who are not even necessarily professionals but simply the ones who are most passionate about communicating their message.

But you also need an idea.

"If you had to say there was one magical element to the best TED talks” Donovan says, “it’s that those speakers picked one really, really big idea," He also thinks speakers do well when they have a story to tell. The best in the game will jump in without preamble – after all you only have a limited amount of time to connect. When a speaker re-lives their story moment by moment with the audience they can really take that audience with them on a journey.

You can read more from Donovan in his book How to Deliver a TED talk: Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations.

One of the most exciting speakers today deals in one of the most potentially dull currencies of all – statistics – and yet Hans Rosling is a genius - an exciting speaker whose passion for his field is apparent in everything he says. His delight in showing us how little we know about the world is both funny and humbling. He is energetic, thoughtful – employing numerous examples to help us understand and deploying the full magnificence of technology to animate the figures and bring them to life. Take a look at his most famous Ted talk here

Many speakers out there today could learn a lot from Hans not least of all that the most complex topics can be communicated to general audiences if it is done with flair and passion. You can find out more about Hans Rosling as a speaker. At Speakers Associates we only have the best on our books: browse our online speaker catalogue for a speaker to suit your requirements.

Mar 16, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe