The VW scandal has raised questions across the globe about the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). How can corporations be believed when they claim to care about the environment amidst revelations that measures have been deployed by a major car company to avoid compliance with emission controls?

When one company is found to be wanting is it right to distrust all corporations? Is CSR still viable as a concept or is it now so damaged it needs to be re-set?

The former CEO of BP Lord Browne has just published a new book, Connect in which he discusses how big firms should handle disasters. He has experience - his time as chief executive at oil giant BP coincided with the Texas City refinery explosion in 2005.

He told the Guardian newspaper recently that “a company will recover faster from a PR disaster if it has already built up a reservoir of trust with society and consumers. He reckons that a company’s relationship with society accounts for around 30% of its market value. Moving quickly and openly to make amends is also key.”

But he also questions the worth of CSR in the wake of VW and in a recent interview with the BBC, said it had become “a prop that companies can use to put peoples’ legitimate concerns into a side pocket.” For him the whole idea of CSR is now suspect.

But according to CSR is worth saving. They reckons that since the 1990s firms have become more transparent about their environmental, labour and human rights practices and impacts - arguing that what is needed now is a renewed and strengthened CSR.

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Nov 4, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe