Managing talent

Everyone wants effective, talented and motivated employees in their organisation but many lack the processes needed to make that happen.

Talent management is about the time and effort your organisation is prepared to put in to get those results.

By focussing on this area companies can reap big rewards in talent retention and development – and the long term benefits can be seen in revenue, customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and cost.

Add to that the need to retain and develop experienced female employees who may be leaving to have children seeking clear return paths to continue their careers and you have a significant topic which lends itself perfectly to keynotes at company conferences and events.

Speakers Associates have a number of excellent talent management speakers on their books. Here are just some of them…

Herminia Ibarra – is an international consultant in talent management, leadership development and women’s careers. Vice-chair of the World Economic Forum’s global agenda council on women's empowerment she is ranked by Thinkers 50 as #9 in the most influential business gurus in the world.

Dave Ulrich is an academic advocating a radical transformation in HR saying it's time for HR to step up and take a seat with the decision makers.

Lynda Gratton is an expert on Talent Management and the Future of Work. She directs the programme ‘Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies’ at The London Business School where she is Professor of Management Practice.

Adrian Gostick is an employee engagement and workplace strategy expert - a successful business author and thought leader he helps businesses to retain employees and increase performance.

Tammy Erickson is an expert on the nature of work, generational difference, demographic trends and how corporations can most effectively engage these employees.

Lucy Adams was the former head of HR at the BBC during one its most volatile periods and is now a consultant and speaker on ‘Disruptive HR’.

Clive Woodward was Director of Sport for Team GB at the London Olympics and is an expert in building high performance teams in business and sport.

Aug 20, 2015 By Lucy Thorpe