Winners and how they succeed

What does it take to be a winner and how do you develop that all-important winning mindset?

It’s a popular question and one that Tony Blair's chief strategist attempts to answer in this highly readable study of winners from across the spectrum. From business leaders and politicians to sports stars and their coaches, Alastair Campbell sets to work to unravel the secrets of success using the forensic interviewing skills he learned over many years as a journalist.

Of course, Alastair Campbell knows a fair bit about winning himself. As Tony Blair's spokesman, he helped guide the Labour Party to victory in three successive general elections, but he knows about failure too and how important it is to learn from the downs as well as the ups, using Bill Clinton as an example of how to turn setbacks into advantages.

Starting with what he calls the Holy Trinity of strategy, leadership and teamship he goes on to profile exceptional individuals including The Queen, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jose Mourinho and cycling coach Dave Brailsford among many others.

He then looks at the three vital ingredients that make up the winning mindset; bold thinking, innovation and the wise use of hard data before pulling everything together into his view of what constitutes the true art of winning.

For anyone looking to book a speaker for their conference or event, Alastair Campbell demonstrates how important it is to look outside your own immediate sphere to get the best perspective on success.

“I am now surer than ever that there are principles and values and techniques that can be applied to any winning mind or winning organisation,” he says. “Studying success in other worlds is not a bad way to improve your own.”

As a business consultant himself Alastair Campbell knows that if you want to transform your business and motivate your staff you are just as likely to get the answers you seek from an adventurer or trophy winning sports coach as from a member of your own profession.

Read this book for a great study of the winning mindset and then browse our list of motivational speakers for those with great tales to tell or enquire about booking Alistair himself!

Jul 14, 2015 By Cosimo Turroturro