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"Is there a better way of doing things"

Csaba Toth, Entrepreneur and developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC™

In this episode of #TheSpeakerShow, Maria Franzoni interviews Csaba Toth.  Csaba is a British/Hungarian entrepreneur, researcher and coach based in the UK. He is the founder of ICQ Global, a people development organisation with over 100 licensed partners in 38 countries. He is the developer of the multi award-winning Global DISCmodel and the best-selling author of the Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times hybrid book published with Marshall Goldsmith.

His mission is to break down the barriers within and between people by giving them the blueprint of why people think and behave differently so they can unlock the incredible potential they have within and between each other.

In this fascinating episode, we discuss a range of his views on issues including:

  • Growth Mindset Theory
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Personality vs Culture
  • High Performing Teams


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Csaba Toth
Renowned entrepreneur, researcher, coach, speaker and member of Forbes Coaches Council
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