Employee engagement speakers

How to enable your people to work well together and become more engaged

Our employee engagement speakers are ready to help your leaders get the best out of your people.

Drawing upon years of experience and expert knowledge, they can offer key insights from the platform that can improve the way employees feel about their work, boosting morale and productivity, increasing innovation, creativity and bolstering collaboration.

When people work well together, accept and work with the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team, they become more engaged, work more autonomously and take responsibility for their work. As a result customer satisfaction increases, employee turnover drops and the associated costs lower dramatically.

Our employee engagement speakers are part of our business management speakers roster. You may also be interested in our leadership speakers.

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280k twitter followers; a dynamic and widely-recognised speaker, specialising in marketing and business-to-client engagement through social media
Entrepreneur & innovator; co-founder, Fast Company; bestselling author: Simply Brilliant, Practically Radical, and Mavericks at Work
Founder and principal of BassClusker Consulting, who helps leaders to bring their strategic goals to fruition more quickly and completely, wherever possible using resources they already have
The man behind the unique sales and service culture at John Lewis
Speaker on change management, corporate culture and customer experience
A round-the-world yachtist, expert in leadership and teamwork and trainer
Well-known British millionaire and star of the TV series ‘The Apprentice’
Inspiring speaker, author and executive coach (and former scientist and adventurer) who specialises in a mindset approach for resilience, wellbeing, inclusion and engagement
International expert, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, eminent professor and researcher
CEO, Chartered Business and Consumer Psychologist