Employee engagement speakers

How to enable your people to work well together and become more engaged

Our employee engagement speakers are ready to help your leaders get the best out of your people.

Drawing upon years of experience and expert knowledge, they can offer key insights from the platform that can improve the way employees feel about their work, boosting morale and productivity, increasing innovation, creativity and bolstering collaboration.

When people work well together, accept and work with the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team, they become more engaged, work more autonomously and take responsibility for their work. As a result customer satisfaction increases, employee turnover drops and the associated costs lower dramatically.

Our employee engagement speakers are part of our business management speakers roster. You may also be interested in our leadership speakers.

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Jef Staes Speaker
Organisational architect, entrepreneur and expert on innovation and culture change
Javier Bajer Speaker
Cultural architect, author & international keynote speaker
Jacob Morgan Speaker
Four time bestselling author, keynote speaker, and trained futurist who explores leadership, the future of work, and employee experience
John Weeks Speaker
Professor of leadership and organizational behaviour at IMD Business School
John Bruton Speaker
Former Irish Prime Minister & EU Ambassador to the U.S.
Jim Hagemann Snabe
One of Europe’s leading industrialists, currently the chairman of Siemens and Maersk, and former co-CEO of SAP.
Julia Goodman Speaker
Performance Coach, Author & Speaker, CEO Personal Presentation Ltd. Transform your communication skills
Karl Burrows Speaker
Founder and Managing Director of Hakaworks
Ken Blanchard Speaker
Well-known management expert & author
Kevin Cashman Speaker
Professional and personal transformation, leadership, executive development, career development, spirituality in the workplace