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Exclusive Representation

Working exclusively with us means opportunity to grow your speaking business.

Passion and enthusiasm fuel everything we do. We recognise that our speakers are the most important people in our business and that belief is reflected in the way we treat them: we are fast to respond, remarkably candid and collaborative.

How we work

Working exclusively with us brings a number of great benefits. First, as your exclusive agency, we will be the single point of call for every speaking enquiry to negotiate fees and handle contracts, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Being exclusive also doesn’t mean that you will miss out on other opportunities. Over 20 years we have built professional relationships with many of the world’s other leading agencies. This means that we can ensure you are properly represented on their websites.

Additionally, our senior advisers will be available to guide you through every aspect of your speaking business using their years of experience working in the industry to help you grow your speaking business.

And finally, as an exclusive speaker, you can access our suite of management services described below to help you navigate through the myriad tasks that come with being a top professional speaker!

Ramon Vullings exclusive speaker
Advice for professional speakers

Advice and Coaching

Becoming – and remaining – a successful, sought-after speaker is not easy. Competition is fierce and building a recognisable personal brand is essential to elevate you above your competition.

Our agents are on hand to guide you through all the aspects of building your personal brand, from SEO, email marketing, content marketing and social media to presentation design, vocal coaching and even how to handle media interviews.

PR and Media Management

The more potential clients are aware of you, the more they will want to book you. As one of our exclusive speakers, we will work hard to help build awareness of you and your personal brand.

One of the ways in which we do this by consistently finding opportunities for you to be interviewed by journalists and reporters.

We will also organise, on a regular basis, guest spots and interviews on popular podcasts, radio shows, TV shows, prominent websites and in magazines and newspapers.

And finally we help you build your brand faster by getting articles written by you published on top websites such as HBR,, New York Times,, Business Insider, Fast Company, Forbes and Huffington Post.

PR and Media Management
Design services for speakers

Design Services

You need to maintain the most professional image at all times. Everything that you use to promote your speaking business also needs to support that image.

As one of our exclusive speakers, our design team will organise, create, maintain and adapt all the material you need to successfully promote your brand including:

  • Media packs & Speaker kits
  • Headshots & event photos
  • Business cards, brochures, pop-up banners and event merchandise
  • Video showreels

Book Publishing and Marketing

Positioning yourself as a go-to leader in your field of expertise is a must if you are to be a sought-after speaker. And there’s no better way to achieve this than by publishing a book.

Writing and publishing a book should be an essential goal of your speaking business: many event planners and organisations will not consider a speaker who does not have one or more books to their name.

Whether you are already a published author or planning to write your first book, we can help you find a publisher. We can also organise book marketing campaigns, can optimise your book listings on Amazon and can even help with obtaining professional book reviews and media coverage.

Book marketing for speakers
Web presence management for speakers

Web Presence Management

Having an active and engaging web presence is vital if you want to build a truly effective personal brand.

We can help.

If you want to be hands-on, we can coach and guide you in building an effective and vibrant web presence across your website, social media, news and PR sites and leading platforms such as Wikipedia, Google Knowledge Panels and IMDb.

And, if you want someone else to manage your web presence for you, efficiently and seamlessly so you only do the things that only you can do, we can do that too.

Website Design & Maintenance

Successful speakers understand that they need a website that supports their marketing and branding efforts. They know that their website belongs at the centre of all their online marketing activity.

It is crucial therefore that your website is built and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Search engine rankings

To be successful your website must rank in Google and other search engines for more than just your name. Whenever someone searches for a speaker in your niche, you want your website to appear on the first page of results.

The way that your website is technically constructed is of prime importance. The majority of websites are not ‘Google-friendly’ at all because most web developers are not experienced in digital marketing. They don’t understand that loading speed, page structure and even the type of hosting you have are essential elements that can impact how well your website performs in the search engines.

Conversion optimisation

For your website to be successful, every element – from content to design and even where the forms and ‘call-to-action buttons’ – plays a vital role in converting visitors to enquiries, buyers, fans or clients. In the last few years, the practice of optimising websites to produce more sales or enquiries (popularly called conversion optimisation) has been elevated almost to the position of being a science.

Mobile friendly design

Because more and more people now browse whilst on the go using mobile phones and tablets, it is essential that the design and layout of your website responds according to the device used to access it. Desktop computers, laptops,, tablets and mobiles all have different-sized screens with different resolutions. Plus, tablets and mobile screens can change their orientation and don’t work like desktops (you can’t hover your mouse over a menu on a mobile phone!). Your website needs to respond to this complexity, still look great and, most importantly, make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for regardless of what device they use.

Website maintenance

The number of websites being hacked is on the increase. Most people don’t realise that, for their websites to be secure, they need to be regularly maintained and the code needs to be regularly updated as security fixes are released – in the same way that your computer needs to have anti-virus and anti-malware protection.

Website design services for speakers

How does it work?

Through our external website partner, we offer the complete range of web services including design, development, optimisation, hosting, maintenance and management.

All of our speaker websites are built by The Webmaster Centre set up in 2012 by husband and wife team, Patrick and Esther Nelson. Patrick and Esther have been building websites since 2003. Patrick also has more than 26 years experience in marketing and branding.

Their breadth of knowledge and depth of experience in creating websites that produce enquiries, rank well in Google, are secure, fast and look fantastic is second to none.

Patrick and Esther are both part of the full-time team at Speakers Associates but continue to oversee operations at The Webmaster Centre.

Backoffice services for speakers

Logistical Services

We can handle every logistical and administrative aspect of your speaker business from managing your media library of images, videos and content to collecting payments and issuing invoices.

Our team of professional presentation designers can also ensure that your presentation materials are ready to go at any time, on any platform, any screen, anywhere in the world.

Furthermore our event logistics team can take care of every aspect of your speaking engagements including managing your calendar, organising your travel and visa arrangements and dealing with all the communications needed to deliver a successful presentation.





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