Awards hosts

Whether for a black-tie dinner, a banquet or an informal affair, your choice of awards host is crucial.

We offer well-known actors and actresses, sports personalities, politicians, TV presenters, comedians and entrepreneurs in our roster of highly experienced, world-class hosts.

Meet our awards hosts

Samantha Johnson Speaker
International Sports anchor for TRT World and ‘Top 20 of Britain’s Most Influ-ential People Under 40’ in the PowerList
Tanya Beckett Speaker
Top business journalist and presenter of the BBC’s “World Business Report”
Victoria Coren
Awards host, broadcaster and columnist for the Observer and Elle
Sofie Allsopp Speaker
British television presenter
Steph McGovern Speaker
A producer and BBC TV and radio presenter
Stephanie Flanders Speaker
Journalist and former BBC Economics editor with a mission to make economics accessible
Sue Perkins Speaker
Comedian, broadcaster, actress and writer
Susanna Reid Speaker
One of the main presenters of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, former BBC journalist and runner up on Strictly Come Dancing
Samantha Simmonds Speaker
TV presenter and broadcaster
Samira Ahmed Speaker
British freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster at the BBC