Available for executive advisory

Board level advice, support and coaching as a follow up to a speech or standalone from experts in executive development

View our speakers available for executive advisory

Pete Cohen Speaker
Best-selling author, leadership expert, health and fitness professional and motivational speaker
Steven MacGregor Speaker
Professor of Executive Health and Behaviour, conference speaker on corporate wellbeing & leadership, author of ‘Chief Wellbeing Officer’
Simon Torrance Speaker
Advisor, Author & Presenter
Bert Rurup Speaker
Former chairman of the economy and social, demographic and pension expert
Ramon Vullings
Cross-industry expert & ideaDJ
Penny Mallory Speaker
World class thinking, world class behaviour
Gillian Tett Speaker
US Managing Editor, Financial Times
Alan Weiss Speaker
Worldwide expert in executive education, strategy consultant and leading business author
Xavier Sala-i-Martin Speaker
The world’s leading expert on competitiveness and director of the Global Competitiveness Index
Stephane Garelli Speaker
Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness, former MD of the World Economic Forum, best-selling author, professor and one of the most exciting speakers that you will hear