Ep. 111 - Fireside chat with Gerard Lyons

Sean Pillot de Chenecey chats with the fascinating Gerard Lyons, leading economist and expert on the UK and global economy, international financial markets and monetary policy.


  • The effects of Covid-19 on the world economy
  • Emerging economies and how they are taking over growth in the Western World
  • The environmental challenge and Extinction Rebellion
  • Tech and its impact on the future of work
  • Political, economic and environmental challenges to supply chains
  • Fintech and how banks need to embrace it
  • Gerard’s upcoming book
Gerard Lyons Speaker

Gerard is co-author of the book “Clean Brexit”, on how to ensure the UK makes a success of leaving the EU. A regular commentator on the TV, radio and in the press who has testified before committees of the US Senate and Congress and in both Houses of the UK Parliament.

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Sean Pillot de Chenecey

Sean Pillot de Chenecey