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Survivor, a self-made entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, human rights supporter and an in-demand motivational speaker
Founder of The Real Junk Food Project
Founder of eWow—empowered Women of the World, a published author, keynote speaker and Women in Tech evangelist
Expert on sustainability, chair and co-founder of the Joint US-China Collaboration on Energy (JUCCCE)
Paratriathlon triple world champion and seven-time European champion
Renowned leadership expert, author and optimist
An NHS GP, best-selling author and founder of the non profit ‘Culinary Medicine UK’ and ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’
Best-selling author, leadership expert, health and fitness professional and motivational speaker
Human Future founder and CEO, educator, mentor, author, and a former CIO for the City of Palo Alto
Keynote speaker, trendwatcher & futurist