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Today’s business mantra of ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ makes creativity and innovation top of everyone’s agenda

The right innovation speaker can inspire your audience, changing mindset and behaviour by introducing new ways of thinking, new approaches and changes in values and belief systems. Book one of our innovation speakers and your audience will leave on a high with a new determination to change, succeed and do more.

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Strategy, innovation and leadership advisor
Bestselling author, business mentor, renowned resilience and reinvention expert
Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE Media
Bestselling international author, director of Tirian International Consultancy and recognised thought leader
Vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group, The Spectator’s Wiki Man
Forbes publisher, futurist, moderator, speaker
Founder and group CEO of Karrikins Group
CEO, futurist, innovation, science, technology, TED Talk speaker
World tennis star & commentator
Best-selling author, renowned expert on Artificial Intelligence, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and speaker