With a wealth of experience and interesting experiences to draw from, journalists make great speakers and event hosts

Journalists can hold a vast amount of knowledge on their subject and have a wide range of opinions on issues. Many also have amazing stories about their own lives and how they reached their success, which can be very inspirational. For an intelligent speech or a professional host or facilitator, a journalist is an excellent choice.

Journalists available to speak

Belle Donati, Bilingual TV News Anchor & Culture Correspondent with more than a decade of experience
Emmy-nominated journalist
International Sports anchor for TRT World and ‘Top 20 of Britain’s Most Influ-ential People Under 40’ in the PowerList
News editor, producer and media executive, and the former Director of Communications for British prime minister David Cameron
Awards host, broadcaster and columnist for the Observer and Elle
Business news presenter and reporter at IGTV
Award-winning news anchor and correspondent. Host of BBC World News
Editor-in-Chief of The Economist
One of the main presenters of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, former BBC journalist and runner up on Strictly Come Dancing
Top business journalist and presenter of the BBC’s “World Business Report”