Keynote speakers on culture

Meet the keynote speakers who can inspire your audience with insights into the multi-dimensional cultures that make up our modern world

Culture impacts our lives. Our keynote speakers on culture talk on a wide variety of subjects, with the knowledge, talent and experience to shed light on aspects of our lives in ways that we had not considered.

Often experts in creative thinking, our speakers can inspire your audience to innovate and approach their lives in new, more empowering ways.

Meet our speakers on culture

Chancellor of Germany (1998-2005)
Emmy-nominated journalist
Anthropologist, explorer & presenter
Prominent political socialist and former minister
A top TV, radio presenter and author famed for a razor-sharp wit
British freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster at the BBC
ITV1’s flagship daytime show presenter
Industrial designer
Jazz musician and conductor runs innovative business development and leadership courses
British presenter and comedy author