Keynote speakers on culture

Meet the keynote speakers who can inspire your audience with insights into the multi-dimensional cultures that make up our modern world

Culture impacts our lives. Our keynote speakers on culture talk on a wide variety of subjects, with the knowledge, talent and experience to shed light on aspects of our lives in ways that we had not considered.

Often experts in creative thinking, our speakers can inspire your audience to innovate and approach their lives in new, more empowering ways.

Meet our speakers on culture

A much respected broadcaster and presenter currently working for the BBC
BBC presenter, newscaster & journalist
One of the nation’s favourite newsreaders and presenters, Natasha Kaplinsky is an exceptional speaker and a fantastic awards host
Member of the Swarovski executive board, head of corporate branding and communication
Profoundly deaf World renowned solo percussionist – fascinating
Turkey’s best-selling female author
Comedian, actor, impressionist & singer, star of Dead Ringers
World-famous free solo climber and known as “the human spiderman”, author and speaker
Inspirational speaker and author of Taming Tigers
Lead singer of Iron Maiden one of the world’s greatest rock bands, a commercial pilot, entrepreneur, creative business thinker, brewmaster and keynote speaker