Leadership speakers

Leadership lessons from those that know what actions, behaviours and approaches can affect positive change

What makes a good leader? A question perennially posed by individuals and organisations. There is no one size fits all answer and many different approaches and styles that great leaders have used.

That’s why having a broad range of successful leaders, from the battlefield to the board room to select from, allows you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Rest assured our speakers draw on their own unique experience to deliver highly motivational speeches on leading in these challenging times.

Meet our leadership speakers

Skipper of the first all-female crew to sail around the world in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race
Member of the Swarovski executive board, head of corporate branding and communication
Entrepreneur on BBC Dragons’ Den, well-known worldwide brand interior designer
Interactively enable economically sound catalysts for change for strategic experiences
Renowned visionary, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, co-author of Kiva Systems and founder of Verity Studios
Referee Extraordinaire, named FIFA’s ‘Best Referee of the Year’ six years running.
World-renowned expert in management and globalisation
Keynote speaker on leadership and culture transformation
French motorsport executive, President of the FIA and keynote speaker
Renowned leadership expert, believes there must be a better way