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Launching 27th January 2021

On 27th January 2021, we are launching a new series of weekly virtual talks by some of the world’s foremost speakers. To celebrate, we are giving away passes. Each pass gives free access to one of our upcoming talks.

But hurry, this offer ends on 31st January 2021. Claim yours today.

Upcoming live talks

Steven MacGregor, speaker

If you are one of the many who are feeling the pressure of an extended period working from home or are struggling with only a partial return to the office, in this talk Dr Steven MacGregor will cover three broad areas that will give you the specific actions that you can use to help regain a sense of control over your life balance, your wellbeing and stress.

LiveTalk with Steven MacGregor
27 Jan 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£20 per person
Anna Hemmings Speaker

The businesses who survive and thrive through periods of adversity and rapid change are the ones who have resilient leaders who drive them forward. Resilient leaders are more effective under pressure, have the ability to think clearly and strategically in the face of challenge and create opportunities for growth.

Using her journey as an Olympian, Anna will explore the Resilient Leaders Elements model to reveal the behaviours and strategies that leaders need to deliver outstanding results.

Anna will explore how to:

  • Handle pressure and make great decisions
  • Create clarity of direction and a unifying purpose
  • Develop leadership presence
  • Build confidence to navigate uncertainty and change
LiveTalk with Anna Hemmings
3 Feb 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£20 per person
Sue Mitchell Speaker

The way we think and talk about how we manage change and navigate uncertainty has subtle and unintuitive influences on how we make decisions and the actions we take, which has significant impact on the outcomes we create and achieve.

This talk explores the impact of changing how you think about uncertainty, looking through the lens of a sailing journey in a small yacht across 900 nautical miles. It starts with changing your metaphor from having a route map to sailing across the open sea to help you more successfully navigate uncertainty. Discover Sue’s powerful PEP framework which is the foundation for mental strength and resilience through uncertainty. Take part in making choices about what to do next as Sue raises awareness of how your mindset shapes your decision making in powerful ways that are often unrecognised in the moment. Discover whether the team on the boat made the same choices you think are the best decision and gain insights to how you can make wiser decisions and recognise the choices that not only get you through the immediate crisis/situation but set you up for success further along.

PS – What was the impact of dolphins, sharks and jellyfish? You’ll have to watch to find out!

LiveTalk with Sue Mitchell
10 Feb 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£25 per person
Mandy Hickson Speaker

“I rolled the aircraft 120 degrees and pulled 4g towards the ground. That’s 4 times your bodyweight. The reason: a surface-to-air missile had been fired and we were its targets”.

Mandy Hickson was the only female pilot on her Front-Line Tornado Squadron, flying multimillion-pound fast jets for the Royal Air Force. She has operated in hostile environments, including patrolling the ‘No Fly’ zone over Iraq.

Drawing on her experience of calculated risk-taking, decision-making under pressure and the critical role of the human in the system, she transfers vivid lessons from the cockpit to other management and leadership contexts.

Learn the strategies, tactics and behaviours she adopted when the stakes were at their highest and lead your company to high levels of success.

LiveTalk with Mandy Hickson
17 Feb 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£20 per person
Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

The workplace is never an end in itself, but rather a tool to contribute to more prosperous people, a more impactful business and a happier society.

Most businesses today face challenges they have no answers to. We have all heard it, we are in a crisis. What is notable is that the root of the word ‘crisis’ actually means decision point. Isn’t that a much more empowering way to look at the situation we are in?

When it comes to our workplaces, what decisions do we need to take now in order to create a future of work that is healthy, compelling and successful? With recent events, the office has shifted radically from a ‘box model’ to a ‘network model’. We now have to operate in a network of contexts.

The new workplace is a network of contexts, that we can call the WorkNet. In this network of contexts, like any network, the connections and interactions become more important than ever. The key question, therefore, becomes: how do you foster the interactions of your employees in a network of contexts?

This webinar will focus on the reason why and how the workplace can be used as a strategic tool to create prosperity for any organisation, especially in current times.

LiveTalk with Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes
24 Feb 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£30 per person
Dominic Colenso Speaker

The virtual communication secrets that actors know and businesses need to learn. 

Dominic is a professional actor, director and teacher at some of the UK’s leading drama schools. 

LiveTalk with Dominic Colenso
3 Mar 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£30 per person

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