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Our Live Talks give you an opportunity to see speakers who are available before planning and booking for your next event. 

These Talks will help you find the right voices for your events, virtual or physical. Our focus is on motivators who lift audiences, business leaders who can share insights, economists and business school professors who can help you understand what is happening in the world today and futurists to explain what is around the corner.

Currently all Live Talks take place on Wednesday each week.

Upcoming live talks

Dominic Colenso Speaker

Video is now the new normal. Whatever your job title you need to be able to deliver your message powerfully down the lens. In meetings and one to ones your performance on screen is now in the spotlight. Your credibility and authority depend on your ability to connect with your virtual audience and take them on the journey with you. The techniques you used face to face are no longer enough. You need a new tool kit! Dominic’s live talk “Lights. Camera. Action!” will help you to take your ‘on camera’ performance to the next level. You’ll learn the skills of the professional actor and television presenter, to ensure you keep your audience engaged and leave them wanting more.

  • Learn how to be more confident and impactful on screen
  • Adapt your camera technique to build more rapport and trust
  • Develop techniques to control the virtual room and keep the conversation on track
  • Discover the screenwriting secrets for structuring your content for more engagement
  • Learn how to deal with awkward silences and create more interaction

Dominic Colenso is a leading communications expert and former professional actor. During his acting career, he worked alongside some of the UK’s most famous performers, starring in everything from BBC period dramas to a Hollywood blockbuster. As the founder of In Flow, he now works with businesses around the world, helping individuals and teams take centre stage and deliver outstanding performances. Dominic’s book “IMPACT: How to be more confident, increase your influence and know what to say under pressure” is available on Amazon

LiveTalk with
3 Mar 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£30 per person
Diego Gilardoni Speaker

Diversity can be an incredible competitive advantage, especially for companies with global ambitions. But you need the right conditions for diversity to unlock its true potential. If it is just a buzzword, it can easily turn into a minefield; but if you create the right context by treating diversity as a strategic asset it can become a fertile ground for creativity and innovation and a powerful driver of growth and value.

In this talk, we will focus on international companies and how they can become truly global by leveraging cultural diversity and by shifting their mindset from “living with diversity” to “living diversity”.

LiveTalk with
10 Mar 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£30 per person
Peter Anderton Speaker

Too many goals fail to get any real traction. Attending this session means that doesn’t have to happen to yours. Using it means it won’t.

Whatever you want to achieve, if you get clarity, real clarity, shared clarity (which is about much more than simply defining the goal), then you’re already on the way to achieving it.  Because real clarity is 50% of your goal. Literally. Once you have absolute clarity, you’re halfway there.

This session gives you the tools you need to get further and faster through the power of clarity.

LiveTalk with
17 Mar 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£20 per person
Thimon de Jong Speaker

Now that there is a bright light at the end of the Covid tunnel, it is time to take a practical look at how we will come out of the pandemic. There will be two phases: the first is a so-called compensation phase where people will make a 180 turn from their pandemic behaviour – which will be quite exciting. Phase two is the real post-Covid world: where many things will go back to their old normal, but with a few fundamental changes. For example: working from home (WFH) will stay, but in a different form: working together remotely (WTR). What does all this mean for organisations and leadership? And how to start preparing today? 

LiveTalk with
24 Mar 2021 11:00am (GMT)
£30 per person

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