Mindfulness speakers

Build mental resilience, alleviate pressure at work, be more effective and improve quality of life

Help your employees, from all parts of the organisation, develop the skills to cope with the pressure of a busy and stressful role with positive advice from our experts in mindfulness.

Speakers on mindfulness

Andrew Bannon, Speaker
Inspirational speaker at Corssen, author of the ‘The Way of the Self-Developer’
Adjiedj Bakas
Visionary speaker & trendwatcher
Martina Muttke Speaker
Swiss-based Executive with experience spanning over 50 countries and various cultures
Diane Hamilton, Speaker
Behavioral Expert, Author, Speaker and Consultant
Tim Sanders Speaker
Former chief solutions officer at Yahoo, leadership coach and bestselling business author
Paolo Gallo Speaker
Author, executive coach, adjunct professor at Bocconi
Nick Leeson Speaker
Author, speaker and rogue trader responsible for the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995
Karl Burrows Speaker
Founder and Managing Director of Hakaworks
Fons Trompenaars Speaker
The original cultural difference thinker
David Selves Speaker
Renowned serial entrepreneur, charity auctioneer, author and broadcaster