Clean BrexitFrom leading economists, Gerard Lyons and Liam Halligan comes Clean Brexit, an optimistic and inclusive guide which cuts through the complexity and spin to offer a vision of how Britain, and the world, can make a success of Brexit.

"Excellent. This analysis from Halligan and Lyons is thorough and lucid, the conclusion compelling" - Lord Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer

"Recommended reading. Halligan and Lyons are two economists I respect and whose writings I follow closely." - Lord David Owen, former Foreign Secretary

"It took the UK twelve years to join a simple trading arrangement, the European Economic Community; Halligan and Lyons present the best guide to getting out in much less time." - Frank Field MP

Gerard Lyons, one of our leading speakers on economics, is a leading expert on the world economy, global financial markets and economic and regulatory policy. He was Chief Economic Adviser to the Mayor of London and has 27 years' experience in The City in senior roles with leading international banks including Standard Chartered, DKB International and Swiss Bank.

In the past few weeks, Lyons has been quoted in The Mail on Sunday, written articles on UK inflation rises (CityAM) and President Xi's speech at the 19th National People's Congress in Beijing (China Global Impact) and was invited to review the Sunday morning papers on BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House

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About the Author

Gerard Lyons economics speaker

Gerard Lyons is a regular commentator on the TV, radio and in the press. He has testified before committees of the US Senate and Congress and in both Houses of the UK Parliament and has spoken in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, at Davos and across the globe. He is an ace forecaster, regularly topping forecasting polls and an excellent public speaker.