Nobel Prize winners

Choose your keynote speaker from the world's most distinguished Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize is considered the world’s most prestigious international award, with the recipients being among the world’s best minds. When you book a Nobel Prize winner to speak you know you will get the latest, foremost information on your subject from the perspective of someone who is number one in their field.

Nobel Prize winners available to speak

Edward Prescott Speaker
Awarded the 2004 Nobel Memorial Prize for economics
Robert Shiller
Distinguished professor of economics, Yale University and 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics
Thomas Sargent Speaker
Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in economic science, professor of economic and business at New York University
Robert C Merton Speaker
Distinguished professor of finance, MIT Sloan School & Nobel Laureate – Economics 1997
Paul Nurse Speaker
President of Rockefeller University, Nobel Prize winner in medicine 2001
Oliver Hart Speaker
Nobel Laureate in Economics 2016
Oliver Williamson Speaker
2009 Nobel Prize Laureate for economics
Myron Scholes Speaker
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
Eric Maskin Speaker
Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, 2007
Daniel Kahneman Speaker
Nobel Laureate, distinguished Psychologist & founder of Behavioural Economics