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009 Habit Busting Revisted

Podcast | Leadership, Mindfulness, Motivation

Pete Cohen motivational speaker


Pete Cohen is one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers and business coaches to organisations around the world. He is an expert on human behaviour, performance, leadership and personal and professional development.

Episode Summary

We are biological machines. It is estimated that humans spend 40-45% of their actions performing habits – almost half our life on autopilot!

With such a big part of our lives spent on habits, installing and maintaining the right habits has tremendous power. Pete explains how we become conditioned by old habits and how to look out for forces acting against us.

To life life at our fullest potential requires constant assessment, with the most successful individuals obsessed with marginal gains. Pete explains how small, incremental changes can lead to a massive impact over time – otherwise known as the Law of Compounding.

Join us as we help you to decide what is important and how to avoid distraction by installing simple habits. Remember: excellence is not an act, but a habit!

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