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010 How To Be Unstoppable Every Single Day!

Podcast | Motivation, Peak Performance

Pete Cohen motivational speaker


Pete Cohen is one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers and business coaches to organisations around the world. He is an expert on human behaviour, performance, leadership and personal and professional development.

Episode Summary

Relentless. It’s something that most of us would like to be, yet very few of us actually are.

The ability to start something and follow it through to completion is a real skill. Most of us will have experienced starting something but giving up part-way through, whether that’s a diet, gym program, work project, new business… This can quickly knock our confidence and make us less likely to start new projects and endeavours.

We all start with the best intentions, so how comes we rarely finish? In this episode, we explore what it takes to become unstoppable and how this can be the difference that makes the difference in achieving your goals.

In this episode, learn:

  1. Why outside the box thinking is necessary for being relentless
  2. How visualising your future self can speed up your ability to commit and
  3. Why feelings should (sometimes) be ignored to stay on track!

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