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011 – How To Be A Genius – Episode 1

Podcast | Motivation

Pete Cohen motivational speaker


Pete Cohen is one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers and business coaches to organisations around the world. He is an expert on human behaviour, performance, leadership and personal and professional development.

Episode Summary

When you think of a genius, who first comes to mind? An artist? Scientist? Sports player? Regardless of the subject area, geniuses exhibit similar traits that can all lead to finding fulfilment and becoming successful. In a brand new special eight-part series, Pete explores the common factors linking geniuses and explains how you too can become a genius. In Part 1, we discuss how to think for yourself. For most of us, the biggest battle in life we face is the one against ourselves. Humans are intrinsically programmed for fear in order to survive, yet in this modern world this limits our potential and traps us in a comfort zone. Join us as we explore:
  1. How (and why!) the definition of the word ‘genius’ has changed over the last 500 years
  2. How to ignore the truths of others and instead, focus on your own truths through finding a goal to move you forward
  3. How to find what makes us truly unique

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