Experts able to contribute to a high-level discussion and offer useful insights

If you are going to have a panel discussion at your event you need a powerful panel made up of the right mix of experts who can highlight the multi-dimensionality of the issue under discussion, get to the heart of a thorny issue and clarify things for the audience.

Meet our panelists

Broadcast journalist, presenter and moderator
Renowned German psychologist, keynote speaker, best-selling author and thought leader
British freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster at the BBC
Author, speaker, consultant
A strategist, digital anthropologist, and best-selling author who focuses on the intersections of emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture
Former presidential advisor, best-selling author and co-founder, H Robotics
Digital and future thinker – go-getting go-to advisor – grows companies
International figurehead on sustainable business and capital
Former HR director & executive board member of the BBC
Global authority on people, leadership and the future of work