Experts able to contribute to a high-level discussion and offer useful insights

If you are going to have a panel discussion at your event you need a powerful panel made up of the right mix of experts who can highlight the multi-dimensionality of the issue under discussion, get to the heart of a thorny issue and clarify things for the audience.

Meet our panelists

Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE Media
Renowned German psychologist, keynote speaker, best-selling author and thought leader
A behavioural psychologist, medical school professor, best-selling author and innovator
Award-winning author, speaker and economist
Former head of online marketing for Virgin Group
Bestselling leadership author, organizational culture expert
Inspirator and visionary thinker
Interactively enable economically sound catalysts for change for strategic experiences
Renowned visionary, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, scientist, co-author of Kiva Systems and founder of Verity Studios
Newsreader & journalist, chairman, facilitator