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Don’t miss Parag Khanna’s new book, The Future is Asian

Global strategist and leading keynote speaker on future and global trends, Parag Khanna has been busy! Check out the articles and interviews below about his upcoming book “The Future is Asian” due to be released on the 7th February 2019 and available on preorder now from Amazon.

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Combatting Cyber Crime

Cyber-enabled crime still remains a growing industry, overtaking some conventional crime types. Law enforcement has been adapting over the last few years but the pace of change is breathtaking…

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Expert tips on how to run a marathon

I can’t wait to return to the London Marathon this year. It has always been a special race for me. 25 years ago, I couldn’t run half a mile after a serious knee injury put stop to my running. But during re-hab I watched the London Marathon and decided that one day I would run it even if it meant me running, walking or crawling over the line.

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Measurable goals for a stronger earth

Earth Day is a noble idea, to ensure we cherish and improve our environment. But we have to make sure it is not just symbolism and feel-good gestures. We have to focus on the most important environmental issues, not just the ones that get the most attention.

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Getting paradise back: the beautiful island of Aldabra

I am a Trustee of The Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) a Trust with which Eden has been associated since we opened. The jewel in the crown is the extraordinary Island of Aldabra, often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Here, an island shaped like a giant bagel with a lagoon inside it so big you cannot see across it, is home to a huge array of seabirds and possibly the finest corals in the world…

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Four thought leaders share their top tips for innovation

On 21st April we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day. Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every walk of life, and every career. From those in customer service finding ways to improve their customer’s experience, scientists who’s every work day is filled with learning new things about the world and finding new ways to apply it, to politicians who could use their creativity to find new ways to solve problems and aid the public. World Creativity and Innovation Day encourages everyone to imagine a different world with different solutions.

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Comcast and the True Path of Innovation

I was never the star soccer player. I played every game throughout high school, but rarely scored. Today, I huff and puff Saturday mornings with friends ages 40 and up, yet my record remains unchanged. They keep fielding me, I think, not just because of my charming demeanor, but because I’m pretty good at placing the ball. I’ve always been able to visualize how the game would evolve, to spot a pattern emerging, and then get the ball to the player, who passed it to the player who scored.

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5 Approaches to Incentivising Innovation from P&G, 3M, Google and More

People often ask me how to incentivize entrepreneurial behavior from within an established organization. My first answer is “stop killing it.” Leaders put so many barriers and shut doors in front of would-be internal entrepreneurs that just lifting a few barriers or leaving a few doors ajar would on their own create a momentous acceleration in their flow of innovation.

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How Thought-Leaders Stay Ahead In An Information-Overload World

The Internet is, and always has been, all about information. A big part of what most of us do depends on us being able to consume large amounts of information on a daily basis. We also need to intelligently organise and use that information to make decisions and draw conclusions.

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The math behind big thinking

If you are thinking this is a motivation piece about the power of ambitious thinking, it’s not. What I’m going to lay out here has nothing to do with psychology or inspiration. This is basic math. A concept so simple, you will grow frustrated that your company doesn’t embrace it. My 11-year-old gets it. But the $50bn company I worked with yesterday doesn’t.

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The Next Financial Services Business Model

My wife knows credit cards. She has a couple, of course, but she is also the general counsel of one the world’s leading credit card companies. So, it’s enigmatic that were she old enough in the early 1970s to apply for a credit card herself, her bank would have refused to issue her one. Before 1974, most banks deemed women too high a risk unless they were married and their husbands co-signed for the card.

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