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Next Year You Will Need To Experiment Like A Startup

If you have been feeling the pace of change accelerating, 2018 will demand an even faster pace. Companies that thrive will have to learn to experiment like a startup. Startups are known for being quick and nimble in the face of rapid change. Their small size and fast-paced culture allow them to acknowledge when something isn’t working and change direction accordingly without missing a beat.

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3 Smart Ways To Disrupt Business As Usual

I recently heard a former executive of Google speak passionately about how to disrupt business as usual by being a moonshot thinker. The take-home message is we’ve entered a new age where the speed of change today is the slowest it will be in our lifetime. Think about that insight for a moment.

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People and exponential growth

Humankind has many psychological flaws. One of the least recognised is an almost complete inability to understand the impact of compound interest. Our minds can deal with linear change well; if a new wall is half finished after ten days, all of us can predict that completion is likely within a further couple of weeks. But give us a problem involving percentage growth rates and almost all of us fail miserably.

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Communicating In The Asian Century

Anyone who has had any experience of doing business in Asia will tell you that, despite common perceptions and assumptions, the greatest communication challenge is not usually caused by language differences.  Whilst of course you are always going to have a big advantage if you speak the local language, the biggest challenges and problems usually arise from the fact that westerners can generally be described as having a “direct” communication style, whilst Asians are more “indirect”.

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Relationships are key

There is a story about a traveller who found that, in order to be welcomed into an eastern family, he would be asked to take three cups of tea. The first cup was taken as a stranger, the second cup as a friend and, if he was offered a third cup, he would then become part of their family. A place where trust was given freely and unconditionally, and from which he would forever be looked after.

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Change in a Nutshell

Change is extraordinarily difficult to do as all (human) systems are wired for survival, which tends to mean repeating the coping strategies of the past. It is also extraordinarily complex to do, as organisations are comprised of many interlocking variables and myriads of human transactions – which operate both in the arena of the “legitimate”, or formal system, and the darker yet more powerful arena of the “shadow”, or informal system, where emotions are felt, work really gets done, and loyalties acted out.

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Why leadership development isn’t developing leaders

Too many business leaders today are out of touch with the employees they lead. Edelman estimates that one in three employees doesn’t trust their employer – despite the fact that billions are spent every year on leadership development. Part of the problem: Our primary method of developing leaders is antithetical to the type of leadership we need.

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America and the World under President Trump

Even though the US presidential election resulted in a decisive victory for Donald J. Trump, it nonetheless revealed a deeply divided America. Yet with Republicans in control of the White House, Senate, House and Supreme Court, the coming months and years will feature a realignment of America’s domestic and foreign policies. What does this mean for America’s role in the world?

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Things to consider when booking an event venue

When planning a conference, awards ceremony or another corporate event, there are numerous things to consider. Although of vital importance, the choice of an appropriate speaker is only one of these. It goes without saying that the location of events is paramount as the quality and efficiency of a venue can either be of benefit or detriment to company reputation.

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