Risk management speakers

Learn how to navigate a course through the challenges of risk

Taking risks is an avoidable aspect of doing business. Our risk management speakers can help your organisation to successfully navigate a course through the challenges all businesses face in identifying, evaluating and prioritising risks.

They can help your audience understand how to identify and analyse potential risks, how to take precautionary steps to reduce risk and how to identify and cut the losses of under-performing strategies that have become too risky.

They have the experience to help your leaders and management teams to focus on the information they need to best manage risk-taking and how to implement and execute plans to minimise unwanted outcomes while maximising the potential for positive achievements.

Our risk management speaker roster is part of our business management speakers roster. You may also be interested in our leadership speakers.

Meet our risk management speakers

Jean Todt Speaker
French motorsport executive, President of the FIA and keynote speaker
James Rubin Speaker
A world-leading authority on U.S. Diplomatic, National Security and Foreign Policy
Jaap De Hoop Scheffer Speaker
NATO Secretary General 2004 & 2009
John Sitilides Speaker
Geopolitical Strategist and diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State
John McCarthy Speaker
BBC Security Correspondent, Hostage, Writer, Broadcaster
Joe Tidy Speaker
Cyber-security reporter and presenter
Jim Dowdall Speaker
British Stunt Coordinator and performer who worked on eight Bond movies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Where Eagles Dare and Saving Private Ryan as well as Top Gear and dozens of other TV shows.
Jim McNeill
One of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers
Justin Hughes Speaker
Renowned presenter on leadership, execution and risk, former Red Arrow & RAF jet fighter pilot
Lewis Pugh Speaker
Environmental campaigner – swum & explored in every ocean in the world