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Our motivational speakers will inspire your audience with tales of courage, innovation and a determination to beat the odds. If you’re looking to begin or end your event on a high note, a motivational speaker is an excellent choice.

Browse our extensive list of motivational speakers below. Use the Filter Speakers panel to refine your search. If you would like help in choosing the right speaker, get in touch or call our team on +44 (0)1628 636600.

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INSEAD's Expert in Cross-Cultural Management and winner of the Thinkers 50 2015 Radar Award

An expert in cross-cultural management, Erin Meyer has conducted extensive research on how the world's most successful global leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences at work.

Her case, Leading Across Cultures at Michelin, won the ECCH 2010 European case award for best human resources management case of the year and the ECCH 2011 best selling case award.

Business expert creating innovative strategies for businesses and brands.

Peter Fisk is a global thought leader in growth and innovation, brands and marketing… He is inspirational, provocative and practical... helping you to think different, innovate smarter and grow faster… to be 10 times, not just 10%, better!

The fabled John Cleese is internationally famed for his black comedy sketches and is a sought after motivational speaker

  • Co-founder and star of the legendary Monty Python comedy group
  • Star of much appreciated shows including Monty Python's Flying Circus, Fawlty Towers and The Frost Report, and films including The Meaning of Life, A Fish Called Wanda and Die Another Day.
  • Co-founder of Video Arts, a company which produces fun training videos
  • After decades of stardom, Cleese is still able to captivate audiences of all sizes with his unique style. He presents in English, focusing on topics including leadership, motivation and business

The most successful Olympic sailor of all time.

Sir Ben Ainslie has described his recent knighthood as the proudest moment of his life. One of the world's best sailors, he has succeeded in becoming Olympic sailing champion four times, World Champion eleven times and European Champion nine times. His dedication, enthusiasm and indomitable spirit have set him apart in the world of sport and have enabled him to change sailing class from Laser to Finn part way through his career - and then to become the most successful Finn sailor of all time.

England rugby captain nine times, earning 77 caps as England scrum-half before his retirement, after which Dawson started to focus on food and promoting healthy eating.

A true rugby champion and passionate about sports, Dawson has lead his team to victory on numerous occasions. Now a TV celebrity in his own right, Dawson captains a team on 'A question of sport', and has taken part in a number of TV competitions including 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'Celebrity Masterchef'.
He is also involved in a number of charities, being Honorary President for the Wooden Spoon rugby charity and a Patron for The National Hospital Development Foundation.

Extreme adventurer and explorer who has just completed a 500 mile solo survivalist trek across the Australian Outback.

With a 3 year trek from Siberia to Australia, a member of the exclusive National Geographic Explorers and a 500 mile survivalist trek across The Outback under her belt, extreme walker Sarah Marquis is the perfect person to talk about challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Visionary businessman, consultant, coach, speaker and explorer - Kevin Gaskell specialises in putting the magic back into failing brands.

As an expert in the car industry he transformed the struggling Porsche brand and lead BMW to three successive years of record growth. He recognized early on that the internet was going to revolutionise business and started his own successful dot com - he is now actively involved at a senior level in several companies and shares his leadership skills around the world

Business guru and broadcaster specializing in leadership and culture.

René​ Carayol is one of the world's leading business gurus. He specializes in leadership and culture drawing on his board-level experience with global organisations within the public and private sectors. He is an experienced speaker, facilitator, broadcaster and broadsheet business and financial commentator.

The National Hunt Champion Jockey who rewrote the record books and dominated his sport for 20 years.

Clocking up over 4000 wins, becoming Champion Jockey 20 times, racing in over 18,000 races whilst breaking at least 700 bones in his body are some of the vital statistics that go someway to sum up the extraordinary racing career of AP McCoy MBE. Now retired from racing, after winning his 20th Champion Jockey title for 2014-15, AP McCoy is available for speaking engagements.

A popular philosopher who strives to engage with everyday life in original and surprising ways.

De Botton has taken the erudite discipline of philosophy and consistently applied it to everyday questions at the heart of our society: How do we co-exist with other people? How do we deal with our anxieties? How do we live well? His discussions on topics like love and pornography have led people to call him a popular philosopher, a label which he does not reject.


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