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We are a global speakers bureau, representing the world's leading speakers who inspire business leaders, engage audiences and empower organisations. Please search our extensive list of speakers below. Use the Filter Speakers button to the left to refine your search.

One of the world's most intrepid and most celebrated explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is best known for his expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is an adventurer whose dedication and passion have led him to reach both poles, circumnavigate the world's Polar Axis and to reach the summit of Everest at the age of 65. Through his expeditions, he has raised over £14 million for UK charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care, the British Heart Foundation, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The fabled John Cleese is internationally famed for his black comedy sketches and is a sought after motivational speaker

  • Co-founder and star of the legendary Monty Python comedy group
  • Star of much appreciated shows including Monty Python's Flying Circus, Fawlty Towers and The Frost Report, and films including The Meaning of Life, A Fish Called Wanda and Die Another Day.
  • Co-founder of Video Arts, a company which produces fun training videos
  • After decades of stardom, Cleese is still able to captivate audiences of all sizes with his unique style. He presents in English, focusing on topics including leadership, motivation and business

The National Hunt Champion Jockey who rewrote the record books and dominated his sport for 20 years.

Clocking up over 4000 wins, becoming Champion Jockey 20 times, racing in over 18,000 races whilst breaking at least 700 bones in his body are some of the vital statistics that go someway to sum up the extraordinary racing career of AP McCoy MBE. Now retired from racing, after winning his 20th Champion Jockey title for 2014-15, AP McCoy is available for speaking engagements.

A champion sportsman who made tennis the sport to watch and inspired a generation through the number of matches he has won over a successful career.

  • Youngest winner of a men's singles title at Wimbledon (aged 17)
  • Won Olympic gold in doubles
  • Six time Grand Slam singles champion
  • One of Tennis magazine's top 40 players between 1965 - 2005
  • Winner of 49 singles title
  • Winner of 15 doubles titles


  • Awards Presenting
  • Achieving your Goals
  • Winning against the odds
  • Winning

Speaking Style

Amusing, informal, interactive, passionate and story-telling

Sometimes referred to as TV's 'Action Man', Ben Fogle is a man driven by a taste for adventure. A much loved television presenter, Ben Fogle is also an adventurer and an author. Known to most for his work on animal shows such as Countryfile and Crufts, Ben is also a keen supporter of several wildlife charities.

Mike Walsh is a leading authority on the digital future, specialising in emerging technologies and markets. He is an experienced media commentator and CEO of the innovations research lab 'Tomorrow', helping businesses locate the disruptors of the future and take action to influence the future direction of their industry

Dambisa Moyo is a label defying international economist specialising in global affairs.

Moyo has travelled extensively and has studied the political, economic, and financial workings of numerous emerging economies. She looks at the relationship between these countries and international business in order to identify investment opportunities. She serves on the board of Barclays Bank, SABMiller and Barrick Gold.

While her academic credentials are from Harvard and Oxford she describes herself as 'African to the core'

Author of Winner Take All an examination of China's success in the global race for resources.

One of Time magazine's '100 Most Influential People in the World' 2009

A renowned leadership expert and sought after speaker. With the knowledge and creativity to inspire others and the ability to see where business issues lie and how to help fix them, Emmanuel Gobillot is a true motivational speaker.

  • Leadership expert
  • Believes 'there must be a better way'
  • Has worked with some of the world's best known companies


  • Innovation
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Collaboration

Speaking Style

Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, interactive, passionate, story-telling. 


Experience and an innovative spirit led Emmanuel Gobillot to consider how best to approach leadership. His abilities as a speaker and his ground-breaking but practical methods have seen him become of Europe's most sought after leadership gurus.

Global speaker & author on creativity in business. Fredrik Haren has delivered over 1,500 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 45 countries about the importance of creativity, idea generation, innovation and entrepreneurship. His unique gift is the way he presents the world to his audience in new and surprising ways.

TV presenter, sportswoman and adventurer who rowed the Atlantic single-handed. Debra Searle is a also a top motivational speaker.

  • Rowed the Atlantic single-handed
  • Sportswoman who has excelled at tennis, cycling, lacrosse, netball and rowing
  • Expert in change management, understanding colleagues and cultivating a winning mindset
  • Has worked with clients including IBM, Lloyds TSB, Mars, Nokia, RBS and BAE Systems
  • An acclaimed speaker who brings warmth to any event, Searle presents in English


"Debra Searle is honest, open, warm, funny and friendly. She has a mental strength and determination that inspires and motivates all who meet her." -  Mail on Sunday

Peter Fisk is a "Gamechanger": inspirational, provocative and practical ... helping you to think different, innovate smarter and grow faster ... Are you ready to change your world?

Ashmei to Azuri ... Peter helps you to see the world of business and brands, marketing and innovation in new ways. Making sense of change, finding new opportunities for growth.

Zilok to Zynga ... Learning from the speedboats and supertankers, across every region and sector, he explores the next generation of business, how they win, and how you can be a winner too.

British entrepreneur and founder of the Coffee Republic chain.

Sahar Hashemi is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She was the first to bring New York style coffee culture to Britain when she launched her Coffee Republic chain. After building a highly successful brand with 110 bars and a turnover of £30million she moved on to do the same with sugar free candy. Now Sahar Hashemi shares her experience and enthusiasm with audiences both as a speaker and as an inspirational author of 2 highly successful business books.

Rowing champion Katherine Grainger achieved her dream of winning a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and is Britain's most successful female rower.

A talented individual sportswoman, Grainger is also an asset to teams. She has excelled in single, double and quadruple scull competitions and even as part of a team of eight. Being a team member in such a high pressure environment can prove a challenge, but Graingers humour, good nature and communication skills mean that she is a valued and motivational team player. 

Unconventional Swedish economist and dynamic 'funky' business thinker

As respected in corporate circles as he is in academia, Dr Ian Goldin is one of the world's foremost experts in globalisation, development and future trends. Goldin has worked for various banks and even advised Nelson Mandela during his career. 

Now primarily focussed on research and his professorship, Goldin is also keen to share his findings and theories through speaking and writing. He has produced numerous influential articles and 17 books.

Explorer, Balloonist & President of the Solar Impulse Project

Bertrand Piccard is an awe inspiring adventurer and scientist who has not only circumnavigated the Earth in a hot-air balloon but now plans to repeat the feat in a revolutionary solar powered aircraft.

Dr Michio Kaku is a celebrated futurist and Theoretical Physicist who once built a particle accelerator in his mum's garage

He has done a huge amount to popularise complex scientific issues in the United States and around the world and is a bestselling author, radio presenter and speaker as well as being professor of physics at the City University of New York.

Director of Sport for Team GB at the London Olympics and expert in building high performance teams in business and sport.

Sir Clive Woodward, former England rugby player and coach is a legendary figure in British sport. In 2012 he led the British Olympic Team to a string of stunning successes at the London games. But it his flair for using business skills to produce sporting excellence and sports values to inspire business success that marks him out as unique.
World class leader in both business and sport.

A true business expert, Baron Jones of Birmingham is renowned for his experience and opinions.

As someone with many years of involvement in business and in politics, Lord Jones knows how to engage listeners and is confident in expressing his opinions and sharing his experiences.

A politician and businessman, Lord Jones has held several high profile roles, including Director General of the CBI and Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

Business guru and broadcaster specializing in leadership and culture.

René​ Carayol is one of the world's leading business gurus. He specializes in leadership and culture drawing on his board-level experience with global organisations within the public and private sectors. He is an experienced speaker, facilitator, broadcaster and broadsheet business and financial commentator.

Hans Rosling is a statistician and global health expert whose exciting and dynamic way with data has turned him into a world- wide superstar

  • Swedish Professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
  • Became an international phenomenon when his 2006 TED talk using animated data went viral.
  • Named by Time magazine in 2012 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
  • Sword swallower


  • Unveiling the Beauty of Statistics
  • Debunking myth about the "Third World"
  • The seemingly impossible is possible
  • Social & Economic Development
  • Future Trends - Looking at the Big Picture
  • Global Health

Speaking Style

Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, interactive, passionate and thought-provoking.

A musical genius who conducts The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and who inspires all with his passion for his art and understanding of group dynamics.

Throughout his career in music, Benjamin Zander has been known as an inspirational figure. Almost as well known for his pre-performance talks as he is for his interpretation of Beethoven and Mahler, it is not surprising that he has become a sought after speaker. An expert on leadership, teamwork and creativity, he effortlessly applies his knowledge about the workings of orchestral groups to workplace scenarios, helping groups work together to achieve shared goals.

  • Conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Professor at the New England Conservatory of Music
  • Leadership expert
  • Cellist


Rob Goffee is a British academic and expert in leadership and organisational culture - he is the co-author of the influential management book Why Should Anyone be Led by You. Goffee's work has appeared in leading journals and newspapers from the Harvard Business Review to The Financial Times. He consults regularly on leadership, organisational change and corporate culture and leads executive development programmes around the world. 

The most successful Olympic sailor of all time.

Sir Ben Ainslie has described his recent knighthood as the proudest moment of his life. One of the world's best sailors, he has succeeded in becoming Olympic sailing champion four times, World Champion eleven times and European Champion nine times. His dedication, enthusiasm and indomitable spirit have set him apart in the world of sport and have enabled him to change sailing class from Laser to Finn part way through his career - and then to become the most successful Finn sailor of all time.

Experienced speaker specialising in leadership and business change.

Gareth Jones is a visiting professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD outside Paris and at the Instituto de Empressa in Madrid, but his career has also included spells with leading media corporations. He was Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Polygram and also Director of Human Resources and Internal Communications at the BBC.

A popular philosopher who strives to engage with everyday life in original and surprising ways.

De Botton has taken the erudite discipline of philosophy and consistently applied it to everyday questions at the heart of our society: How do we co-exist with other people? How do we deal with our anxieties? How do we live well? His discussions on topics like love and pornography have led people to call him a popular philosopher, a label which he does not reject.

World class communicator, psychologist, organisational consultant, executive coach and former NBA basketball player.

John Amaechi is a high performance business coach and mentor with an astonishing backstory as a high profile NBA basketball player who struggled against adversity - making him one of the most sought after communicators in the world today. His first class presentation skills have been recognized by clients at the pinnacle of industry and his achievements have been celebrated by the Queen who awarded him the OBE.

Serial entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, founder of Budget Airline, AirAsia, and the owner of Formula One's Caterham Racing team.

Tony Fernandes is a flamboyant, highly successful entrepreneur. Having revolutionised the airline market in Malaysia through his work with AirAsia, he has also founded a number of other businesses including a budget hotel chain and owns the successful Formula One Caterham Lotus team.

With a 3 year trek from Siberia to Australia under her belt, extreme walker Sarah Marquis is the perfect person to talk about challenges and overcoming obstacles.

  • Has spoken for organizations and corporations including the Olympic Museum, the Co-Op, the Swiss Army, Tetra Laval and Cial Bank
  • Her speaking engagements take her audiences through her experiences in the wilderness, deserts and mountain paths; sharing her thoughts and feelings about the natural world draws listeners in and allows them to share in her passion for extreme walking and overcoming obstacles
  • Started exploring at 8 years of age in her native country of Switzerland First expedition was on horseback at age 17, where she crossed Central Anatolia in Turkey

BBC Security correspondent, journalist and author

The BBC's Security Correspondent reporting on events ranging from Afghanistan to piracy off the Somali coast. He is best known as an expert on the Middle East who was shot 6 times at close range while on assignment in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

Graeme Codrington is a leading expert on the future world of work. A sought after speaker, board advisor, author and researcher, he tracks the disruptive forces that are shaping our working environment and helps organizations plan for the future.His expert analysis on the future world of work is sought after by CEOs and business schools worldwide for the insight it offers into todays rapidly evolving business landscape. He has a particular interest in trends affecting how people live, work, interact and connect with each other.

Bring the outside world in. Sharpen your business strategy with Thimon de Jong, strategic foresight expert and passionate, interactive speaker.

Highly successful and innovative business leader specializing in the transfer of ideas from one sector to another and turning around ailing companies.

As both a speaker and a consultant he has worked with Microsoft, RBS, BAA, Camelot, Inland Revenue, Kimberly Clark, Post Office, Ernst and Young, Diageo and the Economist.

  • Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsbury's Bank.
  • Introduced beds on British Airways flights.
  • Sought after advisor to companies worldwide.


  • Leadership and Team Breakthroughs
  • Innovation and Change
  • the Customer at the Core of your Activities
  • Bringing your Brand to Life

Speaking Style

Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, interactive, passionate and story-telling

Derren Brown is a well-known British illusionist, hypnotist and mentalist. Using his unique skillset he tricks, confuses and entertains the masses, not only on stage; but also in books and on the television. Does Derren really hold psychic or paranormal abilities? A combination of suggestion, psychology, misdirection, showmanship and 'Magic' is how Derren captures his audiences awe and attention making him the perfect guest at your event.

Lynda Gratton is a leading academic working with companies around the world on the future of work and how we are shaped by it.

Gratton is currently consultant to a number of major multi-national companies on their human resource strategy and is also working on a project with the Singapore government.

She has been involved with a number of important research programmes into work life balance and women in management as part of her work with the Centre for Women in Business at the London Business School.

Herminia Ibarra is a leadership and careers guru examining the crucial issue of why women are still not getting the top roles despite the fact that so many businesses are making it a priority. She has advice for everyone on how to actively re-invent themselves to achieve their leadership and career goals and has been named one of the Thinkers 50 top management experts. She is Professor of Leadership, Learning and Organizational behavior at INSEAD in France. She taught at Harvard Business School for thirteen years and is a member of the World Economic Forum.

Relentlessly curious, theoretically solid and as entertaining as a stand-up comedian, Magnus Lindkvist is the expert at predicting future trends

Foreseeing future trends is an essential aspect of modern business, but few have the insight and know-how in order to do so accurately. Luckily, there are experts such as Magnus Lindkvist, a foremost trend forecaster who shares his knowledge not only via consulting, but through engaging and inspiring speaking and workshops. His legendary ability to help future-proof business plans has seen him become one of the most sought after speakers in the world.

Baron Sebastian Coe was the driving force behind the successful London 2012 Olympic Games. For those of us who first came to know him as a record-beating middle distance runner he is simply Seb Coe.

Born in London in 1956 and brought up in Warwickshire and Sheffield, Coe was coached by his engineer father Peter and attended Loughborough University where he studied Economics and Social History.

  • Chairman of the British Olympic Association.
  • Record breaking champion middle distance runner with two gold and two silver Olympic medals.
  • Former Conservative MP

Speaking Style

Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, passionate, story-telling, thought-provoking

An expert in cross-cultural management, Erin Meyer has conducted extensive research on how the world's most successful global leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences at work.

Rock star, humanitarian and outspoken global development activist, Sir Bob Geldof is above all an influencer who knows how to shape opinion and get things done. Sir Bob is a world class speaker, a charismatic and masterful storyteller and a highly entertaining presenter.

  • The powerful creative force behind Band Aid, Live Aid and most recently Live 8, Bob Geldof is also a successful businessman, Nobel Peace prize nominee and recipient of an honorary knighthood.
  • World renowned famine and debt relief campaigner. Chair of the private African-focused equity fund 8 Miles.

Heralds Africa as the coming economic giant

'Without a great strategy no CEO can build a great company'

  • With mischievous charm Freek Vermeulen enjoys lifting the veil on the world of business, probing the hidden depths while simultaneously applying the rigour of research to his accessible books.
  • Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School.
  • An expert on growth, strategic innovation, stimulating organic growth, international strategy, and the role of acquisitions and alliances.
  • Global consultant, speaker and writer.


  • Corporate strategy
  • Profitable growth
  • Innovation
  • International strategy
  • Acquisitions and alliances

Speaking Style

Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, interactive and thought-provoking

Academic and keynote speaker, currently studying the innovative business models being used by popular culture

Jamie Anderson is a leading management thinker and an entertaining speaker who is passionate about the lessons that business can learn from the creative industries. His book 'The Fine Art of Success' - which he co-authored - looks at the way artists and pop stars have innovated successfully in a difficult market by embracing the digital world. He is Professor at the Antwerp Management School.

Entrepreneur - founder of Innocent Drinks

Richard Reed is one of the dynamic trio who set up Innocent Drinks - a success story that has resonated with the business world. With a simple idea and a great deal of confidence Richard Reed has proved that in today's climate a non-corporate attitude and an emphasis on social responsibility can yield stunning results.

  • Grew the company from a turnover of £400,000 to £165m in 12 years.
  • Attracted millions in investment from Coca-Cola.
  • Passionate advocate of entrepreneurship for all.
  • Set up Innocent as a socially responsible company which donates 10% profits to charity.


Starting up the Innocent Story, Building a brand, Corporate Social responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking.

Leadership coach and popular management based author  who has written or edited 35 books, which have sold over two million copies, been translated into 30 languages and become bestsellers in 12 countries. Amongst these are two New York Times bestsellers, 'MOJO' and 'What Got You Here Won’t Get You There'. His latest book 'Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be' was published May 19, 2015.

Renowned for her charisma and sporting prowess, Aimee Mullins has succeeded against the odds. 

She was the first amputee to compete in the NCAA games, which then lead to her competing in other championships and setting world records in several different athletic sports. Also an actress and model, Mullins has a wide experience to draw on while speaking.

Actress, athlete and model
Being an amputee did not stand in the way of her dreams!

One of the UK's most well liked entrepreneurs, James Caan was a level headed TV Dragon

  • Star of TV's Dragons' Den 2007 - 2010
  • Entrepreneur and Businessman
  • Created the James Caan Foundation


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Your workforce - Your employees

Speaking Style

Enthusiastic, informal and passionate.


James Caan is confident and passionate about his views on business and entrepreneurship. He is able to advise and inspire listeners from all walks of life.


Best known for his role as an investor on the BBCs Dragons Den, James Caan is a serial entrepreneur who now works as a government advisor and for numerous charities.

Dave Ulrich is an academic advocating a radical transformation in HR. He says it's time for HR to step up and take a seat with the decision makers

Famous for her skill in football management and for her role on The Apprentice, Karren Brady CBE truly has smashed the 'glass ceiling' and is an inspiration for women everywhere.

The Vice Chairman of West Ham Football Club and Lord Sugar's trusted aide on The Apprentice, Karren Brady is one of the UK's most successful businesswomen. A role model for women of all ages, she has overcome adversity during her career and has had to rely on her business intuition and passion, progressing from an early career in sales to become the managing director of Birmingham City F.C. at the age of just 23.

Inspirational speaker and author of Taming Tigers.

Inspirational and energetic, Jim Lawless is a speaker who is not afraid to put his theories into practice to prove that ordinary people can do amazing things. With his talks, workshops and conference keynotes, he transforms attitudes with his belief that everyone must be a risk taker, acquire leadership skills and learn to communicate effectively.

A highly in-demand motivational speaker, Marcus Buckingham gets across his message with great conviction and charm, that by focusing on strengths you will bring out the best in your employees. A sparkling performer, Buckingham is both appealing and accessible whether he is addressing a room full of academics or a TV show audience.


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