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Motivational Speakers

Our motivational speakers will inspire your audience with tales of courage, innovation and a determination to beat the odds. If you’re looking to begin or end your event on a high note, a motivational speaker is an excellent choice.

Browse our extensive list of motivational speakers below. Use the Filter Speakers panel to refine your search. If you would like help in choosing the right speaker, get in touch or call our team on +44 (0)1628 636600.

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One of the world's leading experts on customer experience and brand leadership.

Shaun Smith is one of the world's leading experts on customer experience and brand leadership. He's a consultant, author and speaker who believes passionately that customer experience should be a central strategy not a short term tactic. His influence has changed the way business leaders think about customers and in particular how they can achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty through the customer experience.

Management Thinker & Author, Expert in Women & Leadership at INSEAD

Herminia Ibarra is a leadership and careers guru examining the crucial issue of why women are still not getting the top roles despite the fact that so many businesses are making it a priority. She has advice for everyone on how to actively re-invent themselves to achieve their leadership and career goals and has been named one of the Thinkers 50 top management experts. She is Professor of Leadership, Learning and Organizational behavior at INSEAD in France. She taught at Harvard Business School for thirteen years and is a member of the World Economic Forum.

Rock star, humanitarian and outspoken global development activist, Sir Bob Geldof is above all an influencer who knows how to shape opinion and get things done. Sir Bob is a world class speaker, a charismatic and masterful storyteller and a highly entertaining presenter.

  • The powerful creative force behind Band Aid, Live Aid and most recently Live 8, Bob Geldof is also a successful businessman, Nobel Peace prize nominee and recipient of an honorary knighthood.
  • World renowned famine and debt relief campaigner. Chair of the private African-focused equity fund 8 Miles.

Heralds Africa as the coming economic giant

BBC Security correspondent, journalist and author

The BBC's Security Correspondent reporting on events ranging from Afghanistan to piracy off the Somali coast. He is best known as an expert on the Middle East who was shot 6 times at close range while on assignment in Saudi Arabia in 2004.

As respected in corporate circles as he is in academia, Dr Ian Goldin is one of the world's foremost experts in globalisation, development and future trends. Goldin has worked for various banks and even advised Nelson Mandela during his career. 

Now primarily focussed on research and his professorship, Goldin is also keen to share his findings and theories through speaking and writing. He has produced numerous influential articles and 17 books.

Branding Guru, Author & Creator of the Brand Sense Agency

Branding expert and marketing visionary.

Martin Lindstrom is a Danish marketing expert whose life mission has been to bridge the gap between brands and the consumer. The author of 6 books on the subject he reveals the tricks of big branding, the psychological triggers that make us buy and the powerful role of the senses. Hired by the CEOs of global Fortune 100 companies, he is one of the most respected branding gurus in the world.

"The world's greatest living explorer" - The Guinness Book of World Records

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is an adventurer par excellence whose dedication and passion put him in a class of his own. Best known for crossing both the Arctic and Antarctic and conquering both poles he has just completed the gruelling Marthaon des Sables at the age of 71. His contagious passion and captivating story-telling style make him one of the best speakers available anywhere..

Inspirational speaker and author of Taming Tigers.

Inspirational and energetic, Jim Lawless is a speaker who is not afraid to put his theories into practice to prove that ordinary people can do amazing things. With his talks, workshops and conference keynotes, he transforms attitudes with his belief that everyone must be a risk taker, acquire leadership skills and learn to communicate effectively.

Inspirational blind adventurer and motivational speaker

Miles Hilton Barber is an extraordinary international adventurer and explorer. He has notched up an incredible number of mind blowing achievements despite losing his sight 30 years ago to a hereditary eye disease. When not setting out on another expedition, raising money for charity, he travels all over the world sharing his inspirational message - dream big and never give up.

Named FIFA's 'Best Referee of the Year' six times in a row, it is no exaggeration to call Collina the most talented of his generation and a living legend of football refereeing

  • One of the most brilliant football referees of all time .
  • Though retired, Collina is still an advisor to top football organisations
  • Expert in self-motivation and leadership
  • His book, 'The Rules of the Game', has been translated into ten languages
  • A passionate and engaging speaker, Collina is available to present in English or Italian


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