How much do speakers cost?

Fees for speakers can vary enormously. Some speakers can command fees of £50,000 and upwards for an appearance whilst many others charge £10,000 or less. Many factors affect the price that a speaker charges such as current commitments, the level of demand for their time as well as the complexity of their subject and, of course, their level of expertise.

To make it easy for you to judge how much budget you will need, we display fee ranges throughout our site and on every speaker profile. Please note that these provide an estimate only. The honorarium required will usually vary according to the type of event and participation required, the length of the participation and of course the location.

Also, some speakers do not wish to indicate their fees and will quote a fee only once a formal enquiry is made. In these instances, we show the fee band as 'On application'. These fee bands assume London as the event location and will vary depending on where in the world you wish the speaker to travel to.

How do I view a speaker's fee?

Our site offers more than 850 speakers. If you know a speakers name, you can use the search facility (click the at the top of every page).

You can also use the Speakers menu which is also at the top of every page. Choose from a wide range of different speaker types and themes and filter down by factors such as price and region.

Finally, our main search page details every type of speaker on our books by type, theme, gender and region.

So, for example, you can see an after dinner speakers price list by visiting the after dinner speakers page and viewing the fee bands for each speaker.

Fee bands

Please note that all fee bands where shown assume that London is the event location. All speakers vary their fees based on location.


All fees are correct at the time of publishing. However fees are subject to change. 


Do you charge for your services?

We provide a free consulting service which includes speaker recommendations, fast responses - and stunning customer service. You only pay a fee if and when you confirm that you wish to book a speaker.

Please also note that we specialise in fee-based bookings. We do not handle expenses-only bookings or events where there is no fee.

What other potential costs should I be aware of?

Other costs for which you would be responsible are the speaker's expenses. These normally include things like travel (most speakers prefer to travel by business class), accommodation (if required), meals and other incidentals.

Ready to start your speaker search?

Below are some handy links to help you start your speaker search. Remember you can always call our office on +44 (0)1628 636600.

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