Getting On Our Books

Speakers Associates has been representing and promoting the interests of speakers for more than 17 years. The world today is a busy, chaotic place and, if you have a message and experience to share with today’s businesses and organisations, we can help you find a platform.

All our speakers have achieved success in their fields, overcome immense difficulties and formidable challenges or have led successful teams in fields as diverse as business, sports and exploration.

They mesmerise and captivate audiences. They share insights, knowledge and experience. And they elevate thinking, change behaviour and transform entire organisations.

If this includes you, send us an email or complete our online speaker registration. Initially, all we need is a short summary of who you are and a link to video footage of you speaking in front of a live audience. Your details will be passed to our management team for review.

If appropriate, we will be in touch to arrange a phone call or a meeting. Please understand that we receive many applications to be on our books every day and it is not always possible to respond in full. We also cannot always respond to questions regarding your application. If we feel that we can successfully represent you to your complete satisfaction, we assure you that we will be in touch as soon as possible to take matters further.

Our Pedigree

The European Association of Speaker Bureaux

We are a founding member of the EASB which provides a voice for the growing speaker agency industry across Europe.

International Association of Speakers Bureaus

The IASB is a trade organisation that represents speakers bureaus worldwide.


The first-ever global ranking of management thinkers, Thinkers50 launched in 2001 and has published rankings biennially ever since. Its ongoing mission is to identify and share the best management thinking across the world. Speakers Associates is proud to be the only Thinkers50 speaker bureau partner.

Speaker Management Service

We manage the activity of some of the world's finest, most influential speakers: thought leaders and thinkers who educate and empower audiences across the globe with the information, knowledge, skills and distinctions that change attitude, behaviour and thinking.

Our speakers deal with the key issues that affect global businesses in the 21st century: talent management, leadership, strategy, innovation, competitiveness, the global economic landscape, politics, policy, environment, healthcare, regulations and, of course people and performance.

We exist to support the global network of event professionals and world-leading corporations, associations and NGO’s by providing the speakers who play a role in their events and annual development plans.

Speaker Marketing Services

We handle branding and strategy projects for select speakers helping them to stand out in a crowded marketplace, developing a voice and a following in a world where information and opinion move from one side of the globe to the other at the speed of thought.

Through our services, our speakers discover how to extend their repertoire of services, promote themselves more effectively and grow their influence and their personal brand.

Whether it is a full branding project, a new dedicated speaker website, leveraging social media or simply developing strategies to reach out more effectively, we secure results for our speakers.

Are you a speaker seeking representation? Register for an informal discussion with a senior advisor.