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Alberto Alessi

Godfather of Italian product design, technology expert and entrepreneur.

The manufacturing maestro who has been referred to as the 'godfather of Italian product design'.

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Treading the borderline between tradition and avant-garde, Alberto Alessi is no stranger to discerning potential and risk in the design industry. The managing director of Alessi, his design and technology expertise and his entrepreneurial spirit have seen the company work alongside some of the best  international designers and become globally recognised for producing products which combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • General Manager of Alessi
  • Design and style icon
  • Strategic marketing communication guru
  • Entrepreneur with a flair for branding innovation
  • Experience, enthusiasm and vision help Alberto Alessi to 'intellectually and spiritually nourish' his clients, helping them to examine creativity and innovation in their approach to marketing and branding.

Currently the general manager of Alessi, Alberto Alessi is as well regarded for his skill in innovative marketing and leadership as he is in contemporary design. As the third generation of Alessi to run the business, he was responsible for transforming the household-trade supplier of steel kitchen and dining ware into a brand known for style and substance in fields such as glassware, clocks, lighting, and toys in a variety of mediums. Combining traditional functionality and quality with modern materials and the latest in technology and style have seen the company grow to work with leading designers and have enabled it to become highly regarded on an international level. Products made by Alessi have a seemingly magic formula they draw consumers, enchanting them into accepting new design and to welcome technological advancement.

A Doctor of Fine Art at Miami University, Alessi combines his creative ability with a shrewd business mind. The fact that it can prove almost impossible to create the best in innovation and styling for a product whilst retaining popular appeal has made him an expert in the management of risky projects. This ability has made him a sought after speaker as businesses of all kinds struggle to stand out in an increasingly global marketplace.

Positions and Honours

  • Honorary Committee Member - Design Museum, London
  • Honorary Doctorate of Arts - University of Lincoln (2010)
  • Collabs Design Excellence Award - Philadelphia Museum of Arts (2010)
  • Master of the Atelier de Formation en Haute Ptisserie - Ecole Suprieure de Cuisine Franaise (2008)
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree - University of Central England (2001)
  • MBA Design Award for Lifetime Achievement - Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York (1998)
  • Doctor of Fine Arts - Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1995)
  • Honorary Professor - Hochschule der Bildenden Kunste, Germany (1994)
  • Senior Fellow - Royal College of Art, London (1993)
  • Academic Board Member - U.I.A.H. University of Helsinki (1993)

Speaking Topics

  • Transgression to the Rules as a Constant Pra
  • Strategic Marketing and Design
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Internet Branding


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