Alexander Likhotal, speaker

Alexander Likhotal

President and CEO of the Green Cross International.

An influential environmental leader on the world stage, the President and CEO of Geneva-based Green Cross International since 1996, Alexander Likhotal is a member of the International Council for the Earth Charter and Adviser to the Club of Madrid.

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Prof Likhotal has launched internationally acclaimed initiatives such as the Earth Dialogues Forum involving opinion leaders including Nobel Laureates and governmental leaders held in Barcelona Lyon, Lahore, Los Angeles, Brisbane, and has spearheaded Green Cross International’s global campaign for the Right to Water. In 2006 Green Cross International “Water For Life and Peace” programmes received a major UN award. Prof Likhotal is a frequent keynote speaker and sought after media interviewee at major international environmental events such as the Earth Summit (Johannesburg), World Water Forums, and at the United Nation including the UN commission on Sustainable development. He has also been the driving force behind the Green Cross Circle of Friends.

Likhotal was born in Moscow and served as an adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev for many years. He was the Deputy Spokesman for the President of the USSR and has held a number of academic positions internationally specialising in European security and NATO. He was visiting professor at the Northeastern University, Boston, USA (1996-1998), Research Associate at the institute of European Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow (1992 - 1997) and Associate Editor of Security Dialogue Journal, Oslo, Norway (1994-2000). He is the author of several books and numerous Articles.

Professor Likhotal has utilised his political acumen in swaying governments about the importance of the environment and under his leadership Green Cross International has grown into the world’s leading objective environmental organization with 30 national organizations. Green Cross International is one of the few organizations focusing on the nexus between the environment, poverty and security and runs multi-million dollar environmental programmes across the globe. Green Cross International, the brainchild of Mikhail Gorbachev, was founded by him under the auspices of the Rio Earth Summit.

Likhotal has been vocal in emphasizing the need for objective guardians of the environment such as Green Cross International: “Little did we know that the challenges we faced in 1993 would be even greater more than ten years later; that new security threats would emerge in the form of global terrorism, unilateral military action, and ethnic conflicts, and that globalisation and our continued reliance on fossil fuels would raise the environmental stakes even higher."

Speaking Topics

  • A Planet off Course... Sustainable Development: fiction or challenge?
  • Global Water Crisis: lacking resource or missing
  • Energy Security: seizing opportunity from the jaws of adversity
  • The Climate of Mass Destruction: Global warming and its political and business implications


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