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Allan Pease

Internationally renowned expert in body language and relationships

Allan Pease Biography

Allan Pease is determined to help others recognise and understand what lies behind day to day human communication and relationship dynamics. He has co-authored numerous popular books and is a sought-after speaker, educating and inspiring in equal measure.

Allan Pease is known for his positive outlook and for his sense of humour, engaging his audience and inspiring individuals to explore their communication at home and in the workplace.

Understanding human behaviour, motivation and communication is essential for business success. Both within teams and organisations and in communication with potential or actual business partners or clients, reading situations correctly and responding accordingly is vital to maintaining good relationships and encouraging rapport. The same can be applied to personal relationships; good communication is key to strong bonds forming.

Pease is known throughout the world for his insight into body language and relationships, as well as his knowledge regarding gender differences in brain traits and how these influence behaviour and communication. He and wife Barbara have co-written numerous books on these subjects, including the best selling Body language: How to Read Others’ Thoughts by Their Gestures.

Pease’s years of research and experience have seen him become one of the worlds top speakers. He is a successful businessman himself and has an intricate understanding of what employers and employees need to know in order to thrive within their sector. He provides training, workshops and presentations and his enthusiasm for analysing and improving communication is infectious.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Pease began to demonstrate his passion for business and innate skill at a young age. He began door to door sales of sponges when he was only ten, and by the age of 17 had been employed as a housewares salesman, becoming his employers national number one salesman, before moving on to sell life insurance.

Positions and Honours

  • Inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame
  • Honorary Professor – ULIM International University
  • Fellow Royal Society of the Arts (UK)
  • Fellow – Institute of Management
  • Fellow – Lifewriters Association
  • Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary Foundation (UK)
  • Senator – JCI Senate

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Testimonials for Allan Pease

“Its over twelve years since I invited you to be part of Successful Selling. Everyone here was delighted with your presentation, hence the reason we invited you back again and again our delegates simply cannot get enough of you! Congratulations, without doubt any company that books you for their event, will get fantastic value.”

The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

“Without exception our delegates voted this our best conference yet, and I can honestly say this was thanks to Allan. He captivated their attention from the moment he walked on stage Enchanting, entertaining and sheer brilliance aren’t good enough to describe his performance.”


“I want to express my appreciation for the special effort you made to be our guest speaker. Without a doubt, every comment since the Conference has been so positive and you achieved the very thing I wanted to lift the human spirit. Many, many thanks.”

Sara Lee

“Allan’s perceptive and memorable presentation achieved the balance of being informative and highly entertaining in the area of human relationships and gave delegates the opportunity to both learn and relax at the end of a demanding day.”

British Telecom

“…The best test of a really great speaker is whether any member of his audience, a short while afterwards, is willing to travel a few hundred miles and pay good money just to listen to him again. You pass that test with flying colours.”

Direct Selling Association (United Kingdom)

“When Allan and Barbara Pease write, I read. And underline. And learn. And laugh. And steal. The Definitive Book of Body Language is a marvel of a book!”

Tom Peters

Author In Search of Excellence and Re-Imagine!

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Books by Allan Pease

Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book
Allan Pease book

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