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Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Futurist & Innovation Strategist; Founder of Thinque

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Biography

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a futurist and innovation strategist helping leaders decode trends, decipher what’s next and turn provocative questions into provocative strategies.

As the Swedish-Australian founder of Thinque, Sorman-Nilsson (LLB MBA) has become a valued strategist to Fortune 500s and ASX leaders, converting provocative questions into proactive, predictive strategies. A global thought leader since 2005, Anders works across four continents as a speaker, futurist and author.

Anders is an active member of TEDGlobal and has keynoted at TEDx in the United States and Australia, was nominated for the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader in 2019, and was the keynote speaker at the G20’s Y20 Summit in Australia. His presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with content tailored to the audience, which is why clients like Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, SAP, Gartner and Macquarie Bank have turned to Anders over the years to help them to push the bounds of the status quo — translating research into valuable foresight and business impact.

Featured regularly in international media including Monocle, Business Insider, Sky News Business, CIO Magazine and BOSS, Anders has authored two books; Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customer and Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking. His new book is out and it is called: Seamless: A Hero’s Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Videos

Testimonials for Anders Sorman-Nilsson

I’ve never seen such positive feedback on our leadership meetings. People really left energised and engaged!

President of Business Unit, Fortune 500 - Pharmaceutical Company

Anders adapted to the unique demographics of our audience. His informative and energetic style was a huge hit with our attendees!

Marketing Manager, Fortune 500, Cisco

As always, your presentation was compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking, and you also managed to capture the eftpos message perfectly.

Managing Director, EFTPOS Australia

Anders’ style is as entertaining and engaging as it is upbeat and informative.

CEO & President, Fortune 500 Company, Fortune Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, Transport and Defence Industry

Excellent, professional, well-structured presentation and good connection to audience, very energetic and engaging.

Executive Director, Bus Industry Federation

Anders is a thought-provoking and engaging speaker. His presentation at a recent customer event we ran was one of the highlights of the day.

Senior Director, International Marketing at ServiceSource

Anders Sorman-Nilsson‘s Topics

Future Thinking

The world has changed and it’s a little out of whack. Organisations and leaders are struggling to find their bearings, and many feel overwhelmed by the changes they are facing. Globally, tidal waves of new ideas and thought currents are smashing old school thinking to smitherines. You and your leaders need a thinking strategy that is as flexible as a GPS, and that enables you to stay on trend, to adapt with the times, and successfully navigate a constantly shifting business landscape.

Are your leaders tuned into, driving and manifesting the latest thinking from across the globe? Is your organisation on trend, or is it likely to be smashed by disruptive innovation? Are your teams able to cope with the changes they are tasked with, or are they still coming to grips with the last change roll-out? Is your salesforce still knocking on doors, making cold calls, and refusing to leverage their efforts in an age of sales innovation?


  • Spot disruptive trends, feel the underlying currents of change, and position their ideas successfully
  • Create future scenarios and future-proof your company based on their observations and thinking
  • Successfully ride disruptive innovation, generation and communication trends
Seamless: Digital adaptation and human transformation

How do you design frictionless customer experiences where customers can seamlessly navigate between digital and analogue touchpoints?

This is the main question Anders explores in this thought-provoking keynote. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things are enabling more and more brands to become truly ’seamless’.

This presentation will provide you with fascinating case studies and best practices from smart brands that understand how intelligent technologies can amplify customer service, create compelling customer experiences, remove friction and transform our lives.


  • A futurephile’s guide to creating seamlessness for your brand and organization
Waves of change: Global trends that will disrupt your existence

Waves of change are rolling towards us and you’d better be prepared. But how do you spot the waves, or identify what’s going on in the market? How do you sense the direction of the currents, or establish what it means for your business? And how do you best position yourself so you’re not washed away, or choose a market position and ride the wave?


  • Digital Disruption – managing the tension between the analogue and digital touch points
  • Media Madness – realising that every company must think like a media company
  • Data Driven Dominance – working out how to turn data into competitive knowledge

    • Which new markets you should target, and how to identify and engage them
    • How to step back and deconstruct your own business model to identify new, non-traditional partnerships
    • How to sort through the data storm to turn customer insight into intelligent and strategic business assets
    • How to build innovation strategy that disrupts your competitors
Digilogue: How to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow's customers

As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future and others are left behind by remaining steeped in the ways of old, thought leaders are coming to realise there is an important middle ground. Most often that’s where your customers and clients want you to be, the place where digital and analogue converge – the ‘digilogue’. In the digilogue it is understood that digital satisfies a customer’s mind while analogue soothes the heart.


  • An understanding of the parts of your business that simply cannot be allowed to go digital
  • An intimate knowledge of the customer experience, of the touch points that thrill them, that speak to their hearts and not their heads
  • An understanding of how your organisation tells its story to its public
  • A recognition of the artisanal skill, or customer service, that keeps customers coming back

Every business must know where its middle ground lies, where the old-school artisan meets the efficiency and power of the future. This customised presentation will help your people find where that place is.

Books by Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson book
Anders Sorman-Nilsson book
Anders Sorman-Nilsson book


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