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Andrew Kakabadse

One of world's leading experts on top teams and outstanding leaders.

Andrew Kakabadse is one of the world's leading experts on top teams and outstanding leaders.

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Andrew Kakabadse has studied many thousands of organizations in both the private and public sector, looking for the secret of what makes top executives succeed. His studies have taken him to Japan, China, Hong Kong and the USA. He is a sought after advisor - working with the British, Abu Dhabi and Oman governments. He has also worked at the Kremlin.

He is Professor of International Management Development at the Cranfield University, School of Management. He consults and lectures across the globe and has been on the boards of a number of companies.

Bright, sharp and clever, Kakabadse has a very clear message: attend to your leadership and your enterprise will succeed. Over the last 20 years he and his wife Nada have conducted research into over 12,500 organisations in more than 20 different countries - making their Top Team database the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. Whether its the UKs National Health Service or the Australian government Professor Kakabadse has found key failings that recur regardless of culture, religion or economy. He says lack of communication and non alignment of strategy and direction tend to result in badly run companies and poor public service.

Only about 33% of the worlds private and public sector entities evolve strategy that works. The fundamental reason for this is that what is required is a robust and yet sensitive leadership that attends to the tensions and difficulties that previously remained unresolved.


Kakabadse has published 39 books and over 230 articles. His most recent books include Bilderberg People: Elite Power and Consensus in World Affairs (2011), which tackles the subject of power networks and From Battlefield to Boardroom which takes lessons from the British military. His interests range from leadership to international relations and government.

In addition to his consulting services, he is also Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield University's School of Management, co-editor of the Journal of Management Development and Corporate Governance and editorial board member of the Journal of Managerial Psychology and the Leadership and Organisation Development Journal. He holds a large number of international Visiting Professorships and Fellowships.

He was also Vice Chancellor of the International Academy of Management and has been Chairman of the Division of Occupational Psychology, British Psychological Society. He was born in Greece and is a citizen of both the UK and Australia and holds a PhD in Organisation Behaviour from Manchester University.

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Leading a £2million study into the skill set of high performing CEOs and top teams.
  • Valued advisor to governments worldwide.
  • Ranked 44 on the Thinkers 50 list of top management gurus.
  • Named one of the Most Influential (Top 25) UK Thinkers in 2012 by HR Magazine.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Boardroom performance
  • Change management
  • Performance improvement for top executives and top executive teams
  • Excellence in consultancy practice
  • Social and public administration
  • Organisational behaviour
  • International relations and Government


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Books By Andrew Kakabadse

  • The Politics of Management (1984)
  • Working in Organizations (2005)
  • The Elephant Hunters: Chronicles of the Moneymen (2008)
  • Rice Wine with the Minister: Distilled Wisdom to Manage, Lead and Succeed on the Global Stage (2010)
  • Leading Smart Transformation: A Roadmap for World-Class Government (2011)
  • Bilderberg People: Elite Power and Consensus in World Affairs (2011)
  • From Battlefield to Boardroom: Making the difference through values-based leadership, with Ivan Yardley and Derrick Neal (2012)
  • Leading the Board: The Six Disciplines of World Class Chairmen (2007)

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